Affordable Single Piece Dental Implants

The term “Basal Implant” refers to the implants utilizing principles of utilizing basal bone areas which are free of infection and resorption. The “Basal Implant” employ the cortical bone areas as such the patient’s chewing function becomes normal and even an old patient can chew hard food like nuts etc. These simple devices – none of them even equipped with any kind of prepared surface for the “enhancement of bone regeneration” – seem to solve all principal problems of our profession today
Basal implants changed therapeutic option in the upper jaw. Sinus lifts have become avoidable because all patients have sufficient horizontal bone naturally, even if vertical bone is missing Screwable basal implants are flapless implants and are placed through gum, without giving a single cut.
Many options for immediate implant placement and implant loading in the upper jaw are available. Today sinus lift is a time-and money-consuming procedure. Today, the application of traditional implants connected to sinus lifting procedures needs a good reason because minimal invasive options are available and should be a part of complete information to a well informed patient.

One Piece Dental Implants – Affordable dental implants
The field of Dental Implantology has been advanced .so that no more patients have to come for multiple visits to get their permanent teeth. No more the patients have to wait for 3-6 months for new teeth. No more complicated bone grafting procedures required. No more the implant procedure are expensive! They become very much affordable. All these because of single piece or one piece implants.
Single piece dental implants are the most convenient for the patient/doctor because of the following reasons:
Single piece dental implants can be inserted flapless(i.e no need to cut the gum and no need for gum suturing).. this greatly reduces healing time, increases patient comfort and decreases bleeding and decreases the treatment implant can be placed in hardly 10 minutes!!
• A single trip of 3 days is enough for the replacement of teeth
• They can be immediately need to wait for osseointegration!
• Affordable treatment= because the single piece implants are inexpensive
• Lifetime warranty on these implants because of their dependable solid structure
• No swelling or bleeding as these are flapless.
• The risk of periimplantitis is very low because of the shorter diameter of the neck of these implants

Why single piece dental implants?
One piece dental implants (figures 1, 2) are more reliable and strong compared to the conventional screw based implants because they are single component solid implants. Conventional implants with screw joining the implant and abutment have many complications. The connecting screw is as thin as 2mm and its breakage is common. Loosening of the screw is common after several years and they have to be periodically tightened. 2 piece implants with angulation or in cantilevers are more prone to screw loosening and breakage. Because of the joint in between the implant and the abutment, there is leakage of food debris causing bone loss. As such 2 piece implants are never given lifetime warranty. All companies are eliminating the use of screw and shifting to single piece implants or they are incorporating Morse cone in 2 piece implants.
Here are some of the advantages of using the single piece systems:
A single piece implant being a single component structure has no joints or a connecting screw. This eliminates all the nagging complications of 2 piece implants. As such these implants do not have any problems that are associated with conventional screw based implants.
• No screw as such no screw loosening or breakage
• No microleakage between implant components as these are single component and hence
• No crestal bone loss, which is commonly seen in 2 piece implants

• Very strong – a 3mm single piece implant is stronger than 4 mm conventional implant
• These are designed specially for immediate loading. As such permanent crown or bridge is placed in 3 days.
• The procedures are flapless, quick and simple. There is no need to cut the gum. Patients on aspirin or heparin need not stop the medicines
Cheap dental implants which make missing teeth replacement very affordable. The manufacturing cost of one piece implants is much less compared to 2 or 3 piece implants. As such the one piece implants are relatively cheap to more complex 2 or 3 piece implants. Dental implant treatment is more affordable as patients need not come back after 3 months. Their crown is fixed within 3 days as such all the work is completed in 3 days in a single trip. All brands are now shifting to one piece implants.

Types of single piece dental implants


KOS Dental Implants:

KOS Dental Implants


BCS Dental Implants

In our center,
• We use the BASAL IMPLANTS only when the situation demands it i.e. deficiency of bone in height and width and osteoporotic patients
• We use CONVENTIONAL TWO PIECE IMPLANTS, when the situation is straightforward i.e. the available bone is of good quality and quantity patients without any medical problems like diabetes, hypertension or cardiac issues etc..
• In the olden days, with regular two piece axial implants, implant patients were forced to undergo four different surgical procedures over aone year period in order to receive implants:

1. Extraction of all diseases teeth, curettage of granulation tissue, and preparation of the gingiva,
2. Bone grafting after two months, with an additional surgery at the donor site,
3. After six months of bone graft healing, insertion of the implants
4. After another six months of implant healing, abutment placement and placement of the crowns
5. Frequently patients are subjected to additional periodontal surgery
6. Patient has to wear a removable denture over a one year period till he gets fixed teeth!

BUT with “new teeth in 3 days” concept with the combination of BCS dental implants, KOS dental implants, patients will get set of new teeth in 3 days.. at affordable cost..

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