Laser tooth Fillings

What is a dental filling ?

A dental filling is a dental procedure that is done to remove the affected carious portion of the tooth known as tooth decay ..

How is a dental filling done ?

  1. First the dentist examines the tooth that is decayed .. whether the decay is in initial stage that involved only enamel or the decay is spread to dentin .

         If the decay is in enamel only , you may not have any symptoms ..If the decay involves dentin , you will have mild to moderate sensitivity and if the decay involves the nerve ( pulp) You will have a severe pain that is uncontrolled .

  • The extent of the decay is known after cinical examination and after taking a xray ..
  • If the decay is involving only the enamel and dentin , definitely a filling can be done .
  • Dentist uses a high speed drill ( airoter ) to remove the caries ( decay ) in the teeth , clean the cavity  and then fill the cavity with a suitable filling material . In many situations , numbing the affected tooth will be required , so that there wont be any discomfort or pain during drilling .

What is a Laser Filling ?

Laser Filling – drill free filling is an excellent alternative to the olden technique that uses high speed drills to remove the decay ,

How Laser Filling is done ?

The hard tissue laser in our clinic is WATER LASE .

The Waterlase removes very precise amounts of tooth, without damaging or cracking the rest of the tooth .

This uses the laser energy with combination of air and water to remove the tooth decay .

The laser beam is pointed on the affected portion of the tooth alone and the caries is removed slowly , gently without causing any discomfort to the patient .. The laser will not even touch the tooth surface . No drilling sounds , no discomfort , and a very pleasant experience .

After removing the decay , the cavity is cleaned and then suitable filling or restoration is done .. There are many types of advanced tooth colour filling materials and the suitable filling material is choosen according to the patient needs , comfort and also the amount of decay involved . After laser filling is done , Dentist checks the bite to ensure proper chewing.

Merits of Laser Filling

  • Cavity preparation without a loud, vibrating high-speed handpiece, and 98% less aerosols!
  • No driiling sounds .
  • No pain/discomfort —no anesthesia required.
  • No postoperative swelling/pain.
  • Same-day, multiple teeth filling can be done , require fewer appointments and are more convenient.
  • Waterlase allows you to remove decay far more precisely than with a drill.  Preserve a more healthy tooth structure and avoid micro-fractures of the tooth caused by the heat and friction of the drill.