Cost Comparison

In Best laser dental clinic, we treat hundreds of patients for full mouth rehabilitation with dental implant, out of which many patients are from outside India, who find it very economical and affordable to fly down to India ( Chennai )  for their dental implant work.

Patient needs to visit our centre two times:

First visit:
  • Extraction of all remaining bad teeth
  • Implants placement
  • Fixation of a fixed esthetic bridge(provisional) or hybrid bridge
  • All these done in 3-5 days
  • Patient can return back to their home country after 3-5 days
  • They can eat better, speak better and smile better with their fixed provisional bridge
Second visit:
  • The second visit will be after 1 year (however the provisional bridge will last more than one year)
  • During the second visit, the provisional bridge will be replaced by a permanent bridge which is beautiful, more long lasting and much thinner than the provisional bridge

So the cost of total treatment will include,

  • Cost of the treatment(implants and provisional bridge to permanent bridge)
  • Cost of air travel – for two visit
  • Cost of accommodation , food and local transport
  •  Any expenses related to local tourism ( if you choose any)
  •  The total cost of the entire treatment (includes two visits) will be much less about 50-60 % the cost of similar treatment in U.S or Europe.
  • Many patients from UK, Australia, USA, Middle East Country choose to get dental implant from India, because they can save upto 60-70% money. Apart from saving, they get high professional quality work with the same international standard. It is like going to vacation yearly once, and getting full mouth dental implant treatment also.
  • More economical, cheaper dental implant treatment cost and reliable professional treatment are the factors which tip the scales in favor of India as a favorite country for dental implant tourism. Lot of scope for tourism and friendly people and a quiet safe country made India a favourite spot for medical tourism.

As dental care cost is very high, patients from the developed countries are looking for affordable dental treatment in developing countries, India is fastly growing a hub for dental tourism, capitalizing on its highly trained professionals, low cost, international standard and no waiting time.