Fixed teeth in 2-6 days with multiunit basal implants

Dental implant technique is the best treatment option among those for replacing missing teeth, However the major disadvantage of conventional implant techniques is the waiting period of implant placement. this waiting period ranges between 3-6 months depending on situations. Patients who go through conventional implant procedure have to wait for long time before enjoying smile, chewing and speech.
The multiunit basal implant (MUB) technique combines the surgical advantages of single piece basal implants and prosthetic advantage of conventional 2 piece implants. Since MUB technique takes advantage of all the implants concepts namely osseo fixation , osseo condensation and osseo intergration results are more predictable and successful. Hence we could do immediate loading because we are using longer implant resulting in better BIC(bone implant contact) and engagement in the cortical basal bone, which is resistant to resorption and infection.
• Minimally invasive-key hole surgery, flapless implant placement with digital planning in 3D scan technology
• Minimal discomfort with minimum recovery and healing time
• No cantilevers compared to all on 4 techniques
• Fully graftless treatment.
No bone grafts used
No sinus lift needed
No bone argumentation needed
• Patient with minimal bone, severe bone atrophy, diabetics other systemic health issue like osteoporosis, chronic smoker etc, where traditional implants are less successful .MUB implants (2 piece basal implants )
• Fixed teeth (no removable dentures)provisional fixed teeth-hybrid bridge
{How a hybrid bridge look like (link)}
Permanent fixed teeth
CAD CAM metal ceramic
CAD CAM titanium frame/zirconia crowns
CAD CAM peek frame/zirconia crowns
• Easy maintance. Only 6 implants rarely 8 in maxilla.
Screw retained prosthesis completely retrievable solution
• Improves quality of life
Confident smile
Enhances self confidence and self esteem
• No risk of perimplantitis when compared to conventional implants
• Life time warrenty
Day’s needed for your treatment depends on number of missing tooth, need for extraction.
• Single missing tooth-1 day
• Multiple missing tooth-2-3 days
• Full mouth rehabilitation(all teeth missing)-5-6 days
Provisional restorations are frequently used for immediate or early implant loading to achieve better esthetics and to mold soft tissue for proper emergence profile for definitive restorations .
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Kindly note:
Patients’s who are anxious , very sensitive and patient with less pain threshold are more suitable for MU technique(2 piece basal implants),as it is very minimally invasive.
Patient with dentalphobia also suitable for this procedure we give all kind of solution from single tooth to all teeth replacement .
The below case report explains the steps from day 1 to day 5 for full mouth reconstruction
• Local anesthesia by computerised painless technique using STA(US)
• Extraction of remaining week tooth in whole implant placement(Upper -6-8 implants,lower-6 implants)
• Suturing will be done where multiple tooth removed
• Impression taking procedures done

Before treatment








After Implant Placement 

 Wax trail


 Hybride bridge fixing with screws


Hybrid bridge fixed in mouth


Life time warranty for full mouth rehabilitation : We at “best laser dental clinic and implant centre “offer life time warranty on dental implants for single tooth to full mouth rehabilitation.