Teeth in a Day


Yes True , Now you can get fixed teeth in  a day .. Advancements in Dental Implant technology has made this dream concept ” Teeth in a Day ” come true in reality .

Patients walking in with the following dental conditions , we 100% assure teeth in a day .. Which means , dental implant is placed on the same day and crown is fixed on the same day .

  1. missing upper front teeth – single to multiple missing front teeth
  2. missing back teeth – molars or premolars
  3. shaking or mobile teeth
  4. missing lower front teeth
  5. Difficulty in eating either on right side or left side or both sides

Initial consultation and CT scan is taken . CBCT scan tells us the exact details of the present bone condition and Implant planning is done based on the bone quality .

Implant is placed under painless computerised local anesthesia and digital scanning ( digital impression ) is done . The scans are mailed to our lab and immediately the teeth process is started in the lab .. This is called DIGITAL DENTISTRY .

Teeth designing is sent to us by the lab and once the designing is done , the teeth is milled and is ready to be fixed in patients mouth .