Zirconium Implants

Esthetics has taken a prime position in dentistry today.People are getting more diverged to tooth coloured materials for good esthetics.

Zirconia Dental Implants are the latest addition to dental implant therapy.They are tooth-colored, compatible with oral tissues and made of the hardest stuff next to diamonds .

Zrconia Implants are shaped and colored like a tooth root to give a natural look. It is a good option for patients who express their explicit wish for a metal-free alternative.Zirconia is biocompatible (completely tissue-friendly); not sensitive to temperature, and has no taste. It is also gum-tissue-friendly material, with low plaque retention and inflammation.


Before Treatment 

             zirconia implants in india                      


  Zirconia implant placement 


zirconia implant in india



Patient 2 :


  Zirconia implant

zirconia implant india


Post op – Provisional Bridge fixed on 3rd Day . 


zirconia implant


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