We have faced In house problems in implant Prosthetic teeth (chipping and delay in delivery ) and we have rectified this problem by building our own Dental lab with CAD CAM technology for zirconium prosthesis.

The brand name is AMANN GIRRBACH , World’s one of the best CAD CAM Zirconium milling machine.

Since we have our own Dental CAD CAM lab , the patient can interact with designing and fabrication of prosthesis and therefore we are able to reduce the cost by 20% to 30% ..We are giving LIFE TIME WARRANTY for our prosthesis and we will deliver the prosthesis in time .

Indications :

  1. Crowns after root canal treatment ‘
  2. Bridges
  3. Implant crowns
  4. Implant Bridges
  5. Full mouth rehabilitation with implants and zirconia bridge .

How it is done ?

  1.  First the digital scan is taken for the implants or the root canal treated tooth with Medit i500 Intra Oral Scanner .
  2. The scanned data is mailed to the lab .
  3. Lab will start with the designing of the zirconia crowns or the bridge .
  4. Designing is mailed to us for our confirmation and once the designing is approved , Milling of the Zirconia crowns are started .
  5. After milling , the crowns are sintered and then cooled .
  6. Finally the zirconia crowns are polished and glazed for natural tooth like appearance .

    Intra Oral Scanner

degital dentistry

      Milling of Zirconia Crowns

      Sintering of Zirconia crowns

cad cam zirconia crown

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