All on 6 Implants , India Chennai 

The more, The Merrier!

All on 4 technique uses 4 implants, 2 in the back of the jaw, 2 in the front jaw.

All on 6, an extra 2 implants are added to make the anchorage of dental bridge more stronger.

Meanwhile All on 8 dental implants offer probably the maximum amount of implants needed for replacing your full set of teeth.

 How does the treatment work with All on 6 techniques?

  •    Before the treatment, you will first undergo a CBCT scan(3D scan of your jaw) and digital documentation of your teeth(digital scan )
  •  Discussion of the treatment plan and procedure with you personally.
  • IMPLANTATION- After treatment plan discussion, implants will be installed under Local Anesthesia.
  • After 4 to 5 days, a Hybrid Bridge will be fixed.
  • It is with the provisional hybrid bridge, you can optionally return to your former lifestyle, you can start eating, chewing normally.This bridge can be used upto 5 months, during that time, your gums, facial muscles and jaw joints will gradually return to a  heath situation.
  •  After 5 to 6 months, your provisional fixed bridge will be replaced with a final bridge.It is really around this time, that your bone has healed completely enough to hold the implants.
  • Regular check up , oral hygiene after final bridge is fixed is important, you will have to come for a check up to us or to a local dentist in your country. As soon as we fix the final bridge we will teach you how to maintain the bridge.
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