Lower full arch replacement options

                         LOWER FULL ARCH


Dental implants are recognized as today’s best alternative to natural teeth they are routinely and widely used for treatment of full range of problems, ranging from single missing tooth to complete loss of teeth. Before dental implants there was no fixed solution available for people who lost all their teeth. However, today there are safe and painless way to get fixed teeth with dental implant that result in a permanent, stable and high aesthetic solution.

The entire missing teeth of lower jaw can be replaced by dental implants. Various techniques commonly used are

  1. All on 4 implants
  2. All on 6 implants

Which techniques, All on 4 or All on 6 will be determined by many factors. Some are

  • Your jaw bone quality
  • You jaw bone quantity
  • Your musculature
  • Your age
  • The condition/stability of the teeth in your upper jaw


All on 4 is not a one-size fits all options. Your implant surgeon is the best person to tell which technique is suitable for you. Those with perfect bone for all on 4 dental implant represent a small percentage of people getting full arch restoration.


Pre op xray 


Post op xray :

B and B implants placed in Lower Jaw 






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