Full Upper Jaw Teeth Replacement

Upper Full Jaw Teeth Replacement with Implants

  • Full teeth replacement protocols differ between the upper jaw ( maxilla) and lower  jaw( mandible) due to their significant anatomical differences.
  • The bone in the upper back teeth region of upper jaw is influenced, limited by the presence of maxillary sinus on both the sides of upper jaw. Most of the time after tooth loss, there may not be enough remaining bone to place an implant.
  • However with the advancement in dental field, especially dental implant technologies, full upper jaw fixed teeth can be given with minimally invasive, safe and predictable techniques.
  • The techniques and protocols which we follow in our center are internationally approved and widely used around the world. They are,
  • 1. All on 4 technique
  • 2.All on  6 technique
  • 3.All on 8 technique
  • 4. Strategic Basal implant technique(MUB technique)
  • 5. Pterygoid implant
  • 6.TTPHIL protocol with Bioline implants
  • 7. Zygoma implants
  • These techniques help dental implantologist all over the world to give immediate fixed teeth solution for upper jaw without any bone grafting procedures.
  • Which technique is suitable for your situation will be best determined by your dental implantologist based on the bone available in your upper jaw.
  • This will be best determined by analyzing CBCT(3D scan) of your jaws, CBCT scan will give accurate information about your bone condition in all 3 dimensions, whereas OPG (orthopantomogram) is a 2D dental x-ray, which gives information only in 2 planes.
  • Hence, it is mandatory that planning should be done after analyzing the 3D scan(CBCT) of the patient, not from OPG (orthopantomogram) x-ray. That is why, active dental implant center , which treat full mouth rehabilitation on daily basis have in house CBCT facility

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