Dental Braces

What are Dental Braces ?

Dental Braces are appliances that orthodontists use to align , straighten the teeth and bring them to its correct position .

Types of Braces :

1. Metal Braces

metal braces

metal braces

2. Ceramic Braces
ceramic braces

3. Self Ligating braces

self ligating

4. Clear aligners

clear aligners

clear aligners

Who all can get Dental Braces Treatment ?

Patients with the following conditions can get braces treatment done .

2.Excessive spacing
4.Open bite
5. Deep bite
8.Abnormal Eruption

Benefits of braces Treatment :

1. Great Smile and self Confidence
2. Perfectly Aligned teeth
3. Good Bite with Good Chewing
4. Good Oral Hygiene and prevents decay
5. Less strain to joints and muscles