Dental Tourism India

  • India has emerged as one of the best dental tourism (or called dental vacation) spot for the Westerners and non residential Indians (NRIs).
  • More than any dental treatment, patient who needs multiple dental implant treatment, and full mouth dental implant, save up to 70% of treatment cost, when they come to India for treatment, world class dental implant treatment with 70% savings of your money and a great vacation is all you can get from India.

Why India is a popular spot for dental implant tourism:

  •  The experience and growth of Dental implant surgeon is extensive since they are exposed to high number of patients and multiple situations, during their college training period and during their private practice.
  •  The infrastructure and technologies of the Indian dental clinic is at par with US and European dental standards.
  •  The cost of dental implant rehabilitation is 70-80% less than that in Westerners countries.
  •  India is largest democracy in the world. English is widely spoken. It is one of the safest country to travel.
  •  Less or no waiting time.
  • Also the hotel and cost of living is quick economical in Indian culture.


– Patients who come from US/Canada, having long duration of flight journey to India is little uncomfortable.