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About Dr. IHDE Dental

The IHDE Dental Company was founded in 1954 in Berlin.

Today DR. IHDE Dental Group is one of the world’s leading manufactures of dental implants for immediate function. More than 1,000,000 implants have been produced and supplied world wide each year. The head quarters is in Switzerland.

IHDE Dental has developed special, unique implants based on scientific principles and bone physiology. These unique implants shows great results even in difficult cases, they give predictable result in the so called “Less Bone” or “No Bone” situations.

Very less bone is necessary to place these special implants thereby avoiding bone grafting procedures and augmentature.

Prof. Dr. Stefen IHDE is the scientific head of the IHDE dental group. He is considered as the “Father of Modern Basal Implantologies”.
In 2005, he develops a predictable implant solution named as “Strategic Implantology”.

Advantage of Strategic Implantology

The concept of Strategic Implantology has changed the world of dental implantology completely.

In this concept the patient will be freed of all dental worries / problems and return to his / her normal life very quickly.

Practically each and every patient can receive fixed teeth right away without long waiting periods, healing times.

The properly trained basal implant surgeon will use the cortical bone in all areas of the maxillofacial skeleton. This cortical bone is free from any dental infection.

This cortical bone is resorption stable and strong and can take the biting forces immediately. It is because of these reasons, we are able to fix the bridges immediately and splint the implants thereby.

Properly trained dental lab technicians will create the prosthetic fixed teeth. They follow a proper precise prescription given by the implant surgeon which will allow optimal bite and chewing performance. The patient can eat anything right after the bridges are fixed.


3 main advantages of strategic implantology


Any kind of surgical procedures that we can spare reduces the over all risk, complication cost for the patient.
By avoiding the bone grafting procedures, bone augmentation procedures and sinus lifts the risks to the patient are minimised by Strategic basal Implant concept
only a single and simple surgical intervention is necessary.

2. Speed:

In just one single surgical intervention, bad teeth and ailing teeth are extracted, chronic infections cleaned completely and strategic basal implants are inserted immediately on the same day.
Contrary to the conventional two piece implant techniques, basal implants are anchored / stabilised into the cortical bone. Only very small areas/ small amount of their bone areas are needed for successful implant treatment.
In this way painful and expensive bone grafting procedures and sinus lifts are avoided. This saves 99% of the entire treatment time and significantly reduces pain and discomfort to the patient.

3. Comfort:

After the basal implant procedures patients may expect some pain ordinarily associated with removal of teeth. No additional pain is experienced by inserting the implants. Therefore the process of implantation is virtually painless in the hands of good surgeon.


Treatment Goal

The treatment goal of Strategic basal implantology is “To Solve the all of your dental problems in one sitting” such as
– Missing teeth with inability to eat and smile.
– Chronic periodontal problems(Gum infections / Inflammation) tooth mobility.
– Chronic decay problems Endodontic(Root canal) problems, infection around end of roots.
– Problems due to heavy decay, big filling and repeated multiple crowns with food impaction.
– Long years of multiple painful visit to dentist, hopes to save hopeless natural teeth.

We approach all of the above problems in one step.

Removal of the teeth and implant placement are done in the same appointment and right after this our lab team starts constructing the new bridge.

To avoid future problems other ailing teeth likely to cause problems / infection in the near futures will also be removed and replaced by dental implants.

Our long team experience and observation with thousands of complicate surgeries clearly shows that implants are much more reduce than natural teeth in adult patients. Our team will analyse your oral situation both clinically and radiologically and create a unique individual treatment plan. we use the latest “Cone Beam Computerised Scan” (CBCT) technology to look into your each and every tooth in 3 dimension, so that the exact true situation of the teeth can be found out.


Why Strategic Implants®

1. Immediate/early functional loading:

which means, you will get fixed teeth within 3 days of implant placement.

  • Avoidance of interim loose dentures
  • No need of secondary implant exposure surgery.

2. Utilisation of the patient’s own bone substance:

  • Avoidance of bone augmentation/grafting procedure
  • Avoidance of sinus lifts/sinus grafts
  • Avoidance of additional surgical risks.
  • Cost and time savings.
  • Cost saving is only one consideration. It is certainly an advantage to be able to save one-third of the overall treatment costs by avoiding bone grafting and sinus lifting procedures. With the use of modern basal implant ,these bone grafting procedures are unnecessary.
  • Basal implants are often the only way to provide fixed restoration in many of the so called “less bone” or “NO BONE ” situations

3.Immediate implant placement after multiple tooth extractions

  • Immediate implantation is possible even in cases with severe periodontal infected teeth
  • No need to do periodontal treatment before extraction of the affected teeth.
  • Considerable time is saved and risks are reduced.
  • The cost/benefits ratio is excellent.

4. Favourable distribution of biomechanical loads i.e bite forces

  • The forces generated during chewing( masticatory forces) are distributed only to the cortical regions.
  • The cortical regions are the more resistant to resorption and stronger and also regenerate more quickly.They are the most stable bone available in our jaws
  • Force transmission occurs far away from the site of bacterial invasion.which means there is no risk of infection after implant placement.
  • Immediate loading is possible thanks to the bicortical support ( given by bicortical bcs implants) and immediate prosthodontic splinting by the bridge.

5. Less complications during the surgical and healing phase

  • Modern Strategic implants® are very resistant to preoperative and/or intra-operative infection .There is NO NEED for extensive oral hygiene maintenance after implant therapy. Therefore the Strategic Implants® may be used in patients, who have difficulties in performing regular brushing and clueing.
  • Even heavy Smokers and diabetics are eligible for treatment with basal implants

Just take a look at this patient case, and you will see that a screw implants would have been impossible to place.


History of Basal Implantology

Basal implants were developed and improved in several stages, primarily by French and German dentists.

The first single-piece implant was developed and used by Dr. Jean-Marc Julliet in 1972. His design was available in two sizes and has been in use, unchanged, until this very day. But since no homologous cutting tools are produced for this implant, its use is fairly demanding.

It was not until the mid-1980s that the French dentist, Dr. Gerard Scortecci, presented an improved basal implant system complete with matching cutting tools. Together with a group of dental surgeons, he developed two types of implants, called “Diskimplants”, with internal and later external connectors to the prosthetic superstructure.

Since approximately the mid-1990s, a group of interested dentists and dental surgeons in Germany have developed new implant types and more appropriate tools, as well as practical accessories, based on the Diskimplant systems. These efforts than gave rise to the development of the modern BOI® implant/BCS implant

In 1997 Dr. Ihde Dental has started producing lateral basal implants in the way the “Diskimplants” were made. These implants were round and not many shapes were available. The surface was initially roughened.

Modern basal implants, designed and produced by Dr. Ihde Dental AG, Switzerland.

Soon Dr. Ihde Dental developed improved types of basal implants:

  • The formerly round base plates got edges, this prevented early rotation of the implants in the bone before integration.
  • In 2002 the fracture-proof design of the base plate was invented and later patented in Europe and the United States.
  • Bending zones in the vertical implant shaft were introduced.
  • From 2005 on the experiences with lateral basal implants were transferred to screwable designs-BCS implants.
  • Regarding the surface structure in 1999 the vertical implant parts were produced POLISHED, and from 2003 on all the basal implant was produced polished. The reason was, that polished surfaces show no tendency to inflammation (no mucositis, no peri-implantitis), and in case of sterile loosening, reintegration of the implants was possible if the loads were adjusted in time. It was also observed, that roughened osseous-surfaces have less tendency to re-integrate.

The abutment design was also developed:

  • Initially basal implants were designed as two-piece designs, later one-piece designs were introduced.
  • Two head sized became available for cemented constructions.
  • Of course, the development will not stop here. Today the basal implants produced by Dr. Ihde Dental,Swiss are the best basal implant system currently available.

Thanks to the passion and dedication of Dr. Stefan Ihde and other Strategic users, the Basal implant technology has progressed to the point where it is an accepted part of received academic medicine and that dental implantology would seem inconceivable without.


What is different?

How are Dr. IHDE dental implant system different ?

The IDHE implant system is a result of many years of experience and scientific research in dental implantology and prosthodontics, with the advanced manufacturing technology based on the latest know how. This helps our patients to get back their strength and smile and restores their health. Basal implants were developed additionally and primarily for use in the atrophical jawbones, where conventional implants doesn’t work.

Basal Implants can be plced and implanted where little vertical bone is present. The special feature of the IHDE implant system (BCS/KOS/BOI) is the bicortical anchorage in the most solid part of the bone. This provides an ideal support and stability to the new fixed teeth.

Benefits of IHDE Dental Implants

  • They can be implanted where little vertical bone is present.
  • They can be placed immediately after tooth extraction.
  • From no teeth to beautiful charming Smile in 72 hours.
  • They have a lower potential risk of periimplantitis than conventional dental implants.
  • Time and cost saving to patients.
  • Guaranteed implantation without bone grafting and with immediate loading.
  • Very high success rate (99%) even in patient with diabetes, periodontal diseases and smokers as well.
  • Provisional (or) long term fixed teeth in 3 to 5 days after placement of implants.