Patient Education


  • Sterile Gauze has been placed in your mouth, kindly bite that gauze hard for next one hour
  •  Avoid Gargling and spitting saliva for Today
  •  Tomorrow morning while brushing… Brush gently on the extracted site and do slow and mild gargling
  •  Avoid Spicy and Hot foods, Today and Tomorrow
  •  Mild swelling tomorrow is normal, it will automatically come down in 2 days
  •  Kindly take medication as prescribed (for 3 days)
  •  Ice pack can be given today alone extra orally (on cheeks)
  •  Avoid keeping finger or Tongue in the extracted socket
  •  Avoid your regular mouthwash for 3 days after Teeth Extraction
  •  Avoid Non-Veg for Today and Tomorrow
  •  Don’t miss the follow up checkup after 2 days
  •  Any Discomfort kindly contact us as early as possible


  1. Don’t wear white clothes, tight clothes, belt, tight pant, t-shirts. Loose clothes which allow comfortable breathing and aeration are preferable.
  2.  If the appointment is in the morning have breakfast .Avoid eating oily foods.
  3.  If the procedure is for full jaw implant surgery .come with an attender. Otherwise you can come alone.
  4.  If the implant procedure is planned under intravenous sedation, the instructions will vary .ask the doctor.


  1. The implant procedure will be done under local anesthesia by computerized injection technique and injection procedure will be completely painless.
  2.  During the implant procedure if you feel any discomfort /pain, you can inform the surgeon.
  3.  During local anesthesia and surgery, you have the option of listening to your favourite music & it will reduces your stress and anxiety.
  4. The implant procedure will take 1 hour to 4 hours depending upon the number of implants.
  5.  During the implant procedure we will take 1 to 3 dental scans, to make sure the implant procedure is 100% accurate. No charge for dental scans.
  6. The implant procedure will be done slowly with utmost care, gentleness and precision.
  7.  During the surgery procedure, if you need any break / rest, you can inform us.
  8.  Through out the surgical procedure your vital parameters (Pulse, heart rate and oxygen level) will be monitored for your safety.


  • Don’t spit the saliva Today and Tomorrow, keep swallowing the saliva(spitting will increase the bleeding)
  • Don’t Gargle your mouth Today and Tomorrow (gargling will disturb the blood clotting)
  • Don’t disturb the implant with tongue or finger for 3 days (it will disturb the healing)
  •  Eat soft foods/semi solid diet for 2 days
  •  Avoid spicy and hot foods for 3 days
  •  From 2nd day of Procedure use Betadine mouthwash (one lid of Betadine diluted in half glass of water)- 2 to 3 times a day for one week
  •  Can have cold drinks (eg:fresh juice, Ice cream) without straw on first day of procedure
  •  Avoid Beverages with soda (eg: coke, pepsi..)
  •  Mild Oozing of blood on first day of implant procedure is common
  •  Take the medication for 3 days as prescribed by the Doctor to avoid discomfort.
  •  Avoid Non-Veg foods for one week from the day of Implant Procedure
  •  Use soft brush for brushing until we fix the crown
  •  Avoid placing hand over the face on the first day of procedure
  •  Use ice pack on first day of procedure, don’t use from 2nd day
  •  Any Discomfort kindly contact us as early as possible


  • Avoid Extreme Hot/Cold Beverages for 2-3 days
  • As we have removed the Tartar(calculus/dirt), you can able to feel the gap between teeth(which is the normal healthy gap), don’t be scared
  • Mild sensitivity to hot or cold is normal after scaling(which is because of removal of dirt), which will subside in 2-3 days
  • Brushing is advised twice daily
  • Use mouth wash twice a day (morning and night)
  • Calcium paste(which is been applied will be absorbed into teeth,which will reduce sensitivity and prevent caries), kindly don’t eat or drink anything for a hour for the calcium paste to act
  • Use Tooth Mousse (calcium paste) daily night after brushing, before going to bed .Use green peas size to apply all over the teeth (don’t wash the mouth after applying Tooth Mousse)
  • Checkup after 2 days is must to check the brushing technique and oral hygiene maintenance
  • Kindly visit every 3 months for hygiene maintenance checkup(to prevent recurrence of Periodontal gum problem)


  • Avoid Hard foods on the Root Canal Treated side until we fix the crown
  • Avoid Hot or cold foods for 2 days from the day of treatment
  • Don’t bite the lips or cheek after the procedure, as the lips will be numb, and you may injure the lips
  • Before the numbness reduces, take your tablets, to avoid any pain
  • Mild discomfort 2-3 days after the procedure is normal
  • Take the medication for 3 days after the procedure to avoid any discomfort
  • Check up is must after 2 days from the day of treatment, to check the comfort ..