All on four dental implants in India

All on four implants India

What is All on 4 ?

All on four implants in India refers to fixing all teeth on just four dental implants. The back implants provide total support for rehabilitation and are tilted at 45 degree. Tilting  the dental implants avoids bone grafting , sinus lifting and thereby helps overcome bone deficiencies. For the support of tooth or a ‘Bridge’ segment of teeth, small titanium fixtures are inserted into the jaw bone so that it stays behind for long.

Why all on four ?

1 ) Quick improvement in quality of life

Quick rehabilitation is experienced and provides complete patient satisfaction as a result of proper function, sense, esthetics, speech and self esteem.

2 ) Shorter treatment duration

With the help of all on Four dental implants the number of surgeries and overall time for treatment is reduced.

Fixed new teeth is given within 3 – 4 days .

3 ) Affordable price 

In addition to shorter treatment duration comparing with the other conventional implant treatment, the All on Four implant procedure is done in affordable cost .

4 ) Improved Appearance

Improved Appearance has a positive effect and improves self confidence in a person. It results in natural and healthy smile.

5 ) Easy to Maintain and Clean

All on Four is easy to maintain as it just involves four implants rather than implant for each and every tooth . Oral hygiene can also be maintained easily.

All on four is safe for diabetic , hypertensive and smoking patients .

Who could be a candidate for all on four ?

Do you have one or more of the following : 

  1. Totally without any teeth in your both upper and lower jaw..
    This is called ” totally edentulous “
  2. Only few teeth remaining in the jaw and most of the teeth are already removed..
    This is called “soon to be edentulous “
  3. Using complete removable denture for both upper and lower jaws and also you are “not happy ” with the removable dentures..
  4. Removable dentures become loose , cause gum irritation and difficulty in speaking and eating..
  5. Most of the teeth are shaking with lot of gum swelling and pockets and all teeth needs extraction and replacement.
    This situation is called ” chronic destructive periodontitis – severe stage” .
  6. Most of the teeth are severely decayed with only small parts of teeth(root stumps) remaining .. Patient will have repeated chronic dental pain, frequent swelling and abscess around teeth, difficulty in eating . Long history of multiple dental treatment like filling, root canals, crowns and bridges. This situation is called ” extensive end stage dental decay “.

All the above 6 situations are very much suitable for implant treatment and fixed teeth.

Based on the bone situation and your need , your dentist will suggest either all on 4 or all on 6 or all on 8..

With recent advances in dental field , you can get fixed teeth with implants without any need for bone grafts and sinus lifts and waiting periods..

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