Permanent Prosthesis for Implants

 Types Of Permanent prosthesis for Implants 

What is Permanent Prosthesis ?

Generally immediately after placing implants , we give provisional prosthesis for implants . Provisional prostheis is made  of Acrylic .

The bridge we give for provisional prosthesis is called Hybrid Bridge ( Metal Acrylic Bridge ) .

After 6 months to one year , we change the provisional prosthesis to permanent prosthesis and its for life time .

There are 3 types of Permanent Prosthesis for implants :

1. Metal Ceramic Bridge

metal ceramic bridge

 2  . Zirconia teeth with Titanium Framework

3 .  Zirconia teeth with BIOHPP ( Peek ) Framework

bio hpp framework

Peek ( Polyetheretherketone ) known as Bio Hpp ( High performance polymer ) , is the the most bio compatable framework for permanent Implant Restoration .

It is been very popular in the implantology field with very high success rates ..

It is the best alternative for other implant prosthesis made of cobalt chromium , Titanium  , Lithium disilicate , Zirconium , Acrylic .. As PEEK has shown high biocompatibility in dentistry, it has become a material that is used in implant, abutment and prosthesis production .

It has been suggested that as PEEK material has an elasticity modulus close to that of human bone, the stresses occurring on the bone are reduced with the absorption of forces.

Advantages of Peek material :

  1. Biocompatable ( very friendly and suitable to oral tissues ) and Biologically inert material .
  2. Elastic modulus of peek is equal to Human Bone , so the stresses occurring on the bone are reduced with the absorption of forces..
  3. Very light in weight and thus increased patient comfort .
  4. It shows high resistance to chemical wear .
  5. the shock absorbing property of PEEK material, there is the advantage of bone protection.
  6. Tensile strength of Peek is similar to bone , Enamel and Dentin .
  7. It has got high resistence to fracture .
  8. The material is highly polishable and completely plaque free and therefore very friendly with Gums .
  9. No chances of per-implantitis with peek
  10. Implant survival rate is 99% with peek .

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