Full Mouth Dental Implants

Full teeth replacement with dental implants in India

The number of people gets full mouth dental rehabilitation / reconstruction with dental implant in India is increasing constantly in the last decade. This is due to increased quality in high expertise of Indian dentists and the low cost compared to implant treatment in other countries.

Full mouth dental implant procedure is indicated in two kind of situations:

  1. When the patient lost all the teeth before itself due to periodontal disease or decay ,  this stage is called as “EDENTULOUS STAGE ”
  2.  When the patient lost most of the existing teeth and remaining teeth are in weak state this stage is called as“GOING TO BE EDENTULOUS  STAGE ”

In the 2nd stage (going soon to become edentulous) it is better to proceed with extraction of all the remaining week teeth and to replace with full mouth dental implants and fixed bridge.

Trying to save few poor/weak teeth with flap surgeries or by root canal treatment will only add expenses, more dentist visits with no real benefit to the patients.

Case study 1:

Patient was extremely frustrated with the look of his teeth and face and even more frustrated with his family dentist his lifelong treatment provider telling him that implants were not going to work for him.

  • After undergoing many years of gum surgeries, laser gum treatments, dental pains and progression took him high dental problems and agony seem like a never ending horror movie. And also his teeth appearance were unesthetic and embarrassed him.
  •  Above patient was then looked for a long term solution and freedom from all his dental problems. Finally he found about us through our old patient who told him about what we are doing.
  •  After we did our standard diagnostic procedure involving thorough clinical documentation(digital photos, videos) and digital CBCT(3D imaging scan) we determined that, above patient had indeed seemed like a prime candidate to get a much improved and better quality life from ’Fixed teeth in 3 days”
  •  After hearing our plan of ‘Fixed Teeth in 3 Days’ with full mouth dental implants. He was thrilled. And he agreed/ accepted our plan and underwent the procedure. Above patient accepted the responsibilities of living a quality life and took control of his own destiny. We were just lucky enough to be part of it.

The full mouth rehabilitation with dental implants is scientifically documented successful procedure with success rate above 97%.

Various philosophy /techniques are used for full mouth rehabilitation. They are,

  1.  All on 4 (or) 6 (or) 8 philosophy
  2.  Strategic basal philosophy
  3.  TTPHIL philosophy( Tall and Tilted Pin Hole Immediate Loading)

All the above 3 philosophies works well in experienced hands. Each philosophy has got its own pros and cons.
We are following the ‘Strategic basal implants for majority of our cases. This is due to the following reasons:

  1. Most of the patients who come to our centre are with less bone or no bone who have been told by their implant dentist, that implants are not possible or they need extensive bone grafting procedure with sinus lifts.
  2. Most of our patients are diabetic with severe periodontal, infection around the remaining teeth. Employing strategic immediate loading basal implants safe guards our patients from the future risk of peri-implantitis and implant loss.
  3. Most of our patients don’t want to undergo sinus lifts or additional bone grafting procedure or waiting periods to get fixed teeth after implant. They want to get the job done (removal of all remaining teeth, placement of all implants and getting fixed teeth) in 3-5 days..

Benefits Of Fixed Teeth With Full Mouth Dental Implants:

  • Permits you to eat and operate like having natural teeth.
  • Solid durable answer that will oblige you for life.
  • Maintains facial appearance and averts bone loss.
  • Difficult to find out from natural teeth.
  •  90% of chewing efficiency is restored.
  •  No window period as these Single piece implants are Immediate loading.
  •  The prosthesis placed on these Single piece basal implants will be Decorative, Beneficial, Stable, Foreseeable and require very less time for the final outcome.

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