Medical Tourism India

  •  Medical tourism in India has grown enormously in the last 5 years. The value of the current medical tourism industry is around 3 million and is expected to increase by another 4-5 billion in next 2 years and 7-8 billion by 2022.
  • Premium studies of medical services and nominal cost of medical treatment are the two main reasons for the boon in health care tourism in India.
  • The large part of medical tourists to India are from Bangladesh and Afghanistan (34%), Russia (30%), The Middle East (10%), Africa (10%) and UK,US (16%).
  • According to CIT (Confederation Of Indian Industries), the primary reason that attracts medical tourism to India, is cost difference and treatment from accredited facilities equal with developed countries at very low cost.
  • The Medical Tourism Market Report in 2015, found that India is “one of the lowest cost and highest quality of all medical tourism destinations, it offers wide variety of procedures at about one – tenth the cost of similar procedures in the United States”. As per FICCI-IMJ report over 500,000 foreign tourists seek medical/dental treatment in India each year. They mostly come to India for heart surgeries, knee transplantation, cosmetic facial procedures and dental implant treatment as treatment price is considered lowest in Asia.


1. Cost:
Estimates found that dental /medical treatment cost in India is one tenth of the price of comparable treatment cost in USA or UK. The patient can save 40-50% of money even when they planned for 2-3 visits to India for treatment.

2. Quality:
Quality of health care in India, is in par with International standards. The city of Chennai is called “India’s Health Capital”. Multi and superspeciality hospitals across the city treat approximately 160 international patients per day. Chennai attracts 45%-50% patient of medical / dental tourists from abroad arriving to India.

3. Ease of travel:
The Indian government has removed visa and travel restriction on tourist visas. A visa on arrival for tourists from select countries has been instituted which allows foreign patients to stay in India for 30 days for medical reasons. E visa procedures also simplified in recent years.

4. Language:
Despite India’s diversity of languages, English is an official language and is widely spoken by most people and almost universally by medical/dental professionals.

5. Convenient country to visit:
Warm weather, nice friendly people, beautiful environments with economical accommodation involving 2-3 visits. Most commonly dental implant procedure need minimum of 2 visits to India to get a good result. Most of the dental tourism patients, plant it as a vacation once a year combines with a complete dental treatment at very low cost.