CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography)

The Most Advanced Dental Imaging Technology-3D SCAN

Cone Beam Computed Tomography

• Having an in house Dental CBCT technology, is very much indispensable. If full mouth dental implant procedure are planned. We are of the very few dental implant centre in India, to have such cutting edge technology.

• After a patient has assured down their choice to a implant centre one or two, it is a better idea to know about their facilities and technologies.. Any dental implant centre which preferring full – arch dental implant surgeries should have an inhouse dental CBCT-3D Scan.


• The reason we need a CAT scan (CBCT) for diagnosis is because the CBCT scan gives 3 dimensional information, whereas a standard OPG(Orthopantomogram) gives only 2 dimensional information. A CBCT scan , gives images of hidden information. That might otherwise may not visible in OPG.

• Many centres don’t use them, however CBCT is part of our higher standard of care to our implant patients.

• There are many instances, where many patients have been told they can’t get dental implants because of less bone/no bone. This is where a CBCT scan changes everything for those patients.

• We use the Cone Beam CT Scan for every implant patients, who comes to our centre with no additional changes, because we believe it is important to provide a accurate diagnosis and safe dental implant treatment.


We offer free CBCT scan and OPG (after pantomogram to all our implant patients and patients referred by any clinics in Chennai)

CBCT 3D Images: