Painless Impaction with Piezo surgical Unit

            Wisdom tooth removal / Impacted wisdom tooth removal with piezo Surgical Unit 


What is Peizo surgery ?

Surgical removal of the impacted lower third molar or upper third molars requires a good operating hand, with adequate training, skill, and experience, as this procedure can be a traumatizing experience to some patients, and can have worrying consequences if not performed in a technically accurate manner.

So the surgical removal of teeth was done by a motor( Rotary cutting instrument ) with handpice to drill the bone surrounding the tooth … In this procedure , large amount of bone is removed with a bur to facilitate removal of the tooth … As a consequence of bone removal the following post operative signs and symptoms take place :

  1. Excessive bleeding
  2. Excessive pain
  3. Swelling on the cheek for a week
  4. Delayed healing
  5. Restriction of mouth opening
  6. Nerve injury
  7. Dry socket etc


To overcome these challenges , Piezosurgery as an alternative technique for bone guttering (or ostectomy) was discovered by Tomaso Vercellotti to overcome the drawbacks of the rotatory cutting instrument . This technique modified and improved upon the conventional ultrasonic method and proved to have better-wound healing capacity and bone formation . .


How it works ?

Piezo surgical unit has got several ultra sonic tips with different shapes for different purpose ..

With the use of these tips , the soft tissue is reflected carefully , and the bone surrounding the tooth is removed slowly ( Ostetomy ) .

Very very minimal bone is removed with continuous saline irrigation making sure the vital structures in the surrounding region is not damaged .

The procedure is done very slowly with very minimal bleeding and the patient is at utmost comfort ..

Continuous saline irrigation helps to reduce the heat generated during the procedure therefore completely avoiding Bone Necrosis . .


Advantages of Piezo Surgery :

  1. Precise cutting of bone with no major bone loss
  2. Very minimal bleeding – Bleeding free surgical Site
  3. Faster Bone regeneration
  4. Faster and quick healing
  5. Minimal or no pain
  6. Very minimal or no swelling
  7. Patient comfort
  8. Reduced Trauma