Fixed teeth in 3 Days

With the advancement in Implantology , Improvised Implant Techniques and  Implant systems , the field of implantology has gone to next level making the life of patient and dentist easier and simpler. These implants are not only affordable and they also help the patient to receive a full set of  fixed new permanent teeth in 3-5 days..This is called IMMEDIATE LOADING..This is an accepted and well proven technology.

YOU ARE A CANDIDATE FOR “A FIXED NEW TEETH IN 3 DAYS” …if you have any one of the following..

1.Missing teeth either front or back teeth

2.Difficulty in eating either on right side or left side or both sides..This may be due to

  • missing teeth which might have been removed before
  • badly decayed teeth which can not be saved
  • severely mobile teeth which will prevent you from eating on that side
  • a not so comfortable, loose removable denture

3.Hesitating to smile confidently  in front of others or in social gatherings..This may be due to..

  • wearing removable denture which naturally give a old man feel to us!The moment we put removable denture inside our mouth , we feel we are becoming older which is not a good feel!
  • loose removable dentures which will be loose and uncomfortable. So your concentration will be fully on the removable denture!
  • badly decayed front teeth
  • missing teeth in front region..
  • gaps between front teeth..After 40 years the common reason for this is periodontal disease(gum weakness)

4.Generalised periodontal problems..leading to mobility of most of the teeth in the jaw..The teeth are not only mobile but they harbour lot of bad micro-organism in the infected gum , which is not good for our general health.

Benefits of fixed Permanent teeth in 3 Days :

1.Implants are placed immediately after extraction

2.They can be immediately loaded and that means permanent teeth(not removable dentures) can be fixed in 3-5 days

3.No need to wait for 3-6 months for osseointegration..The implants heal better ,when they are loaded immediately .

4.Even diabetic patient can be benefited from these implants ..they are safer for them.(but the blood sugar should be under control during the time of implant procedure).

5.Even smokers can be benefited and there is no risk of failure..

6. Implants can be placed immediately after extraction of even highly infected,decayed,mobile teeth or teeth with severe periodontal abscess..

7.No need to use expensive bone grafts ,which will need additional surgical procedure and delay the treatment for months altogether.

It has been more than 4 years since we stopped buying  artificial bone grafts..!

8.In single visit , both extraction and implant is completed (.No need for multiple visits .)

9. All patients eat and enjoy their food in better way and smile confidently.

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