All on 4 vs All on 6 vs All on 8

                   The difference between All on 4, All on 6, All on 8

Are you do All on 4 dental implants?
There is the common questions asked by many of Our patients, Our answer is “Yes”
All on 4 is a proven protocol advised by Dr. Palo Malo to give a full set of fixed teeth using only 4 implants per jaw. We have undergone personal and direct training from Dr. Malo himself at Malo Dental Clinic, Lisbon, Portugal. For many patients All on 4 works very beautifully.
However, All on 4 is not for everyone, Some patients may need All on 6 or rarely All on 8.
Which one is better All on 4, All on 5 or All on 6 is determined by many factors.
They are

  1. Amount of remaining jaw bone (width and height) available to fix implants.
  2. Quality of jaw bone (Density)
  3. Whether the patient is a heavy chewer.
  4. Age of the patient (younger the patient All on 6 is better)
  5. Extent of maxillary sinus pneumatization(expansion)
  6. Whether jaw bone is osteoporotic or not.
  7. Patient with a very wide smile showing all upper molars till 3rd molar may need All on 6 or 8.

Our Full mouth implant packages are for All on 4. If more than 4 implants are needed, we will place them and there won’t be any additional charges.

Under which situation does the bone quality become poor?

  1. If teeth are lost due to gum disease (periodontitis). Periodontitis infection of teeth is known to cause severe bone loss around teeth before they fall from the mouth or are pulled by your dentist.
  2. When you delay getting fixed teeth with implants after you lose your teeth. When teeth are missing in your jaw bone, the bone loss stimulation due to lack of function slowly the bone to get resorbed and become soft with poor quality this is called disuse atrophy.
  3. If you have been wearing removable dentures for many years. They constantly put pressure on the underlying bone, through the gum. the chronic and constant pressure resorbs the bone
  4. Ectodermal dysplasia – It is a congenital situation, in which permanent tooth buds are absent for an individual. This leads to very thin and weak jaw bones.
  5. Osteoporosis- Dietary, nutritional deficiency, vitamin-D, calcium deficiency, poor lifestyle ( e.g. Lack of exercise, junk food, etc) lack of exposure to sunlight leads to generalized weakening of bones all over the body. Leading to multiple problems (e.g. knee pain, tiredness, etc. this generalized osteoporosis affects jaw bone in the long term. The jaw bones become soft inside, a density similar to a thermal sheet. (A normal healthy jaw bone quality should be similar to a wood)

In the above situation, All on 6 or 8 will be safer, better in the long term, than All on 4.

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