BOI dental Implants in India, Basal dental implants in india

BASAL Dental Implants - BOI Dental Implants and Basal screws in india!

Best laser dental clinic is one of the foremost dental clinics to have introduced the treatment of basal dental implants in Chennai, India. BOI implants are the most advanced system within the group of Basal Implants. These implants are well designed for immediate loading and therefore you get your permanent fixed teeth immediately in 3 days. These implants have a high success rate .

They are mainly indicated in only two situations..

  • Very thin ridges- i.e deficiency of bone in buccolingual thickness
  • Insufficient bone height

This two situations develop due to the following reasons..

  • using removable dentures for so many years will resorb the bone and reduce the height available
  • after extraction of teeth, not replacing the without teeth for many years will also resorb the bone
  • untreated periodontal disease(especially in diabetics) will resorb the available bone
  • trauma to jaw which damages not only the teeth but also the alveolar bone
  • any surgeries in the jaw ..for cyst or any tumor which may leave the jaw with insufficient bone
  • The basal implants are of great help to patients with less bone for regular crestal implants

The term “Basal Implant” refers to the implants utilizing principles of utilizing basal bone areas which are free of infection and resorption. The “Basal Implant” employ the cortical bone areas as such the patient’s chewing function becomes normal and even an old patient can chew hard food like nuts etc. These simple devices - none of them even equipped with any kind of prepared surface for the “enhancement of bone regeneration” - seem to solve all principal problems of our profession today: Basal screw implants and BOI implants are independent of presence of bone volume in vertical dimension.

Basal implants changed therapeutic option in the upper jaw. Sinus lifts have become avoidable because all patients have sufficient horizontal bone naturally, even if vertical bone is missing. Lateral basal implants are inserted from the lateral aspect of the jaw bone. With a disk-diameter of 7mm or more, they are inserted through a T-shaped slot in the jaw bone.

Screwable basal implants are flapless implants and are placed through gum, without giving a single cut. Many options for immediate implant placement and implant loading in the upper jaw are available. Today sinus lift is a time-and money-consuming procedure. Today, the application of traditional implants connected to sinus lifting procedures needs a good reason because minimal invasive options are available and should be a part of complete information to a well informed patient.


  • Open flap surgery is needed.Gum incison and suturing are necessary..unlike kos and bcs implants which can be inserted flaplessly.
  • Only a properly trained Oral surgeon can accomplish the surgical procedure without any complication.In inexperienced or untrained hands..problem are bound to come.
  • More expensive to regular single piece KOS and BCS implants
  • Surgical procedure takes relatively longer time compared to placement of KOS and BCS implants

In our center,

  • We use BASAL IMPLANTS only when the situation demands it..i.e defiency of bone in height and width..
  • With the advent of new BCS designs(WIDE BCS IMPLANTS )..many situations use of Basal implants can be avoided...


In the olden days,with regular two piece axial implants, implant patients were forced to undergo four different surgical procedures over a one year period in order to receive implants:

  1. Extraction of all diseased teeth, curettage of granulation tissue, and preparation of the gingiva,
  2. Bone grafting after two months, with an additional surgery at the donor site,
  3. After six months of bone graft healing, insertion of the implants,
  4. After another six months of implant healing, abutment placemnt and placement of the crowns.
  5. Frequently  patients are subjected to additional periodontal surgery.
  6. Patient has to wear a removable denture over a one year period till he gets fixed teeth!

BUT with "New teeth in 3 days" concept..with the combination of BASAL dental implants, BCS dental implants, KOS dental implants ..patient will get set of new teeth in 3 affordable cost..

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