Ms. Rekha – Receptionist

Ms. Rekha working as a Receptionist in Best laser dental clinic and implant center, Mugalivakkam branch. She was studied chemistry in rajah Serfoji govt collage in Thanjavur. And finished DCM (DIPLOMA CO-OPERATIVE MANAGEMENT) in Samiyappa co-operative institute in Thanjavur.

1. She is hard working and honest individual.
2. She is a good timekeeper always willing to learn new skills.
3. She is friendly, helpful and polite have a good senses of humour.
4. She able to work independently in busy environment and also working relationships with all colleagues.
5. She is flexible, reliable and posses excellent time keeping skills.

1. Receiving phone calls and organizing appointments
2. Maintains patients treatment, digital and radiographics records
3. All registers follow up.
4. Accounts receivable.
5. Regular appointment schedule.
6. Proficient in common computer programs.