What are wisdom teeth?
Wisdom teeth are 3rd set of molars, which erupt in the last most port of the oral cavity near the throat. They usually erupts in the last teens or early twenties.

When wisdom teeth need not to be removed?
When a wisdom teeth erupts fully in a proper position and location and is covered by healthy gum without plaque, no need to remove the wisdom teeth.

When wisdom teeth should be removed?
1. When the position of wisdom teeth is not proper, and is impinging of the next molar (which is very common), it is better to remove the wisdom teeth. Leaving the wisdom tooth, will surely cause decay and gum infection around the next healthy molar.
2. When the gums covering the wisdom teeth gets infected frequently (called Pericoronitis), it is better to remove the wisdom tooth. Conservative measure like medication or local cleaning won’t give long term relief.
3. When the wisdom teeth get decayed it is better to remove as soon as possible, before infection spreads deeper into bone. Toot canal treatment in 3rd molar are not a long term solution.
4. Sharp margins of wisdom tooth impinges on the cheek mucosa creating ulcer or impinging on the gums of opposite jaw, it is better to remove the wisdom tooth. Smoothening the sharp margins will give temporarily relief.



How to remove the wisdom teeth?
Your dentist will take OPG (Orthopantomogram) or CBCT, to accurately diagnose the location and position of impacted wisdom tooth inside the bone. Then under local anesthesia, the wisdom teeth will be surgically extracted after opening the gums. After tooth removal, the surgeon will close the wound with sutures. This is a minor oral surgical procedure.

Can wisdom teeth be removed even when with no symptoms?
• Yes, many times, the symptoms (pain, swelling) will only appear at the last stage of the disease process
• The best answer can be given by your dentist after a through clinical examination and radiological investigation

Usually we advise precautionary removal of wisdom teeth in certain situation,
 When a person flying out of home country and is not planning to come to home land in 1-2yrs it is better to remove the wisdom teeth in home country before flying.
 When a women planning to conceive, it is better to remove suspicious wisdom teeth before conception. As wisdom tooth problem will aggravate in the middle of pregnancy and removal is not indicated during pregnancy, removal of wisdom teeth before planning for pregnancy is advisable. However consult with your family dentist and gynecologist before pregnancy planning.

Wisdom Tooth Removal (Extraction) – FAQ’S:
1. Is wisdom tooth surgery painful?
2. How long does it take for the hole (wound) to close?
3. Do wisdom teeth have to be removed?
4. What can I eat after wisdom teeth surgery?
5. When can I eat normally after wisdom teeth removal?
6. How do I know, that my wisdom tooth is infected?
7. Do I need antibiotics after wisdom tooth surgery?
8. What happens if you don’t get your wisdom teeth out?
9. How long should I take off work after wisdom teeth surgery?
10. Can I drink water after wisdom tooth surgery?
11. What not to eat after getting wisdom teeth removed?
12. What not to do after wisdom teeth removed?
13. Is wisdom teeth removal considered a major surgery?
14. What should I do before getting my wisdom teeth out?
15. Should I get general anesthesia for wisdom teeth removal?
16. Can I brush my teeth after wisdom teeth surgery?
17. How does it feel when your wisdom teeth are coming in?
18. How long does local anesthesia last?
19. Can I smoke after removal of my wisdom teeth?
20. When can I exercise again after wisdom tooth surgery?
21. When is the best time to remove wisdom teeth?
22. After surgery do I need someone to drive me home?
23. How long do I need to be on medicines after wisdom teeth surgery?
24. Why should I choose to have my wisdom tooth removal surgery by a oral surgery specialist?

Home care instructions after wisdom tooth removal:
1. Bite upon the gauze firmly which is kept over the extracted area for one hour. After 1 hour remove the gauze with your finger & safely dispose it.
2. Don’t gargle your mouth with water or any mouth wash for another 24 hours.
3. Avoid probing the area with your finger or tongue.
4. Give ice fermentation for another 3-4 hours .There is no use in giving ice fermentation on the next day .Avoid giving hot fomentation.
5. Don’t gargle with warm saline water for one day, after that you can use it.
6. Take liquid or semisolid food for another 1-2 days. Avoid taking hot /hard food items.
7. Mild swelling over the face is quite normal in few occasions. It is a normal reaction of the body to the surgery, If the swelling is more don’t hesitate to contact your dentist.
8. If sutures has been placed, on 6th day get the sutures removed.

Cost of wisdom tooth removal in Chennai:

1. Upper and lower wisdom teeth:

Certain category of wisdom teeth are not covered by gum or bone. They can be removed by nonsurgical method, i.e. without opening the gums or bone. The charges/price for removing these type of

wisdom tooth is 2000 INR/per tooth.

2. Those wisdom tooth, which are submerged/covered in gums and bone, need a surgical procedure for removal. These teeth need opening of gums and removal of mild bone and finally suturing after wisdom teeth removal.

The cost of these kind of ‘impacted’ wisdom tooth is 6000 - 8000 INR. This cost includes, X-rays, CBCT scan to locate the wisdom teeth location. Anesthesia, surgeon fees, suturing and suture removal and follow up visits. The surgical procedure will be done by experienced oral- maxillofacial surgeons of Best Laser Dental Clinic, Chennai.


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