Full Mouth Dental Implants

Upper jaw / Maxillary arch:
Around 8 to 10 Single piece basal implants are required in the Maxillary arch. The introduction of the Pterygoid Implant has changed the face of the Maxillary Prosthesis, these implants substitute the painful Sinus lift or the bone augmentation procedures. Since these implants are placed in the distal most area of the maxillary bone they even help avoid cantilevers there by producing a stable prosthesis.

Lower jaw / Mandibular arch:
Eight to ten Single piece basal Implants are positioned flaplessly to provide perfect retention. Availability of BOI Implants and the concept of nerve bypass help abstain complicated nerve bypass surgery.
A person using dentures will achieve only 20% of the total chewing efficiency where as fixed bridges on implants will regain 90% of the total capability.

Benefits of Fixed replacements on Implants:
Permits you to eat and operate like having native teeth.
Solid durable answer that will oblige you for life.
Maintains facial appearance and averts bone loss.
Difficult to find out from natural teeth.
90% of chewing efficiency is restored.
No window period as these Single piece implants are Immediate loading.
The prosthesis placed on these Single piece basal implants will be Decorative, Beneficial, Stable, Foreseeable and require very less time for the final outcome.



Two piece conventional implants are used

Single piece basal implants are used

2 or 3 surgical interventions are required

Implants are placed flap lessly

Prosthesis will be loaded in 4 – 10 months

Permanent teeth in 3 days

Cantilevers are placed, since the entire prosthesis rests on 4 or 6 implants it is unstable

No cantilevers as tubero pterygoid implants in upper jaw and lingual cortex engagement with implants in lower jaw

Very expensive

Affordable implants

Surgical guides and templates required

Surgical guides and templates not required

Periimplantitis can occur because of micro gap between the components

Polished single piece implants so no periimplantitis

Can not be used in diabetic, hypertensive and smokers, as the implants are placed in spongious bone

Safe in Diabetics, Hypertensive and Smokers as implants are placed in basal cortex bone