CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography)

The Most Advanced Dental Imaging Technology-3D SCAN

The Dental CBCT is the most advanced 3D dental imaging technology available now.It is mostly usefull in dental implant treatment.
The success of any dental implant treatment depends not only on the expertise of the dental implantologist and the cooperation of the patient, but also on the technology being used.

Speaking about the latest in technology, 3D imaging has become quite a critical and important tool for modern dental practices over the years. It allows to see important information that can’t be detected using traditional 2D imaging systems (like OPG) alone.

We recognise the need for enhanced treatments and patient experience and thus offer the Carestream CS 9300 CBCT – the latest in 3D dental imaging for improved diagnoses, better communication between dentists and patients and more efficient treatment planning.

CBCT Guided and planned dental implant treatment have

-Greater accuracy

-More safety to the patients

-Less invasice surgery is possible

-Higher success

As a service policy , we provide this service at no cost to our patients and also the referral patients.

How long it takes to get the dental cbct scan?

Since we have got the inhouse CBCT in our center, it only takes few minutes to take the CBCT Scan for you.

Why use CBCT scan ? What sets it apart from other imaging systems ?

The CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) gives a very detailed 3-dimensional image in contrast to conventional x-rays which only give a 2-dimensional image. The 3D image makes the understanding of the patient’s problem much better improving the quality of care dental implantologist can provide.

Is is possible to work without CBCTscan?

It is possible to work without CBCT but with CBCT the predictability, quality and safety of surgery is improved with an improved understanding of the problem you are working with.

Should the amount of X-ray and Radiation worry me ?

No, the CBCT Technology that we have gives the smallest amount of radiation of any CBCT machines; it corresponds roughly to two panoramic x-rays or the amount of background radiation you get if you do a roundtrip flight from Paris to Tokyo – and think about it, pilots are up there every day.And we use adequate safety protocols given by AERB(Atomic Energy Regulatory Board of INDIA) and we have the approval and registration fro AERB -INDIA.

How important is the CBCT for Oral and Maxillofacial Implantologist?

It is a fantastic tool as the Oral & Maxillofacial implantologist is able to understand the problem he is dealing with in 3-dimensions in a very detailed way, and patients are 3-dimensional so it improves the quality of the implant surgeries that he does.Treating a patient without CBCT is like trying to find a place without address!!