Testimonial Mr.Kuppuswamy

Thanks to Dr.Murugavel and his team, i got my teeth back at the age of 84 years!..

dental implants in indiaI am a retired headmaster from Tanjore district, I have been using a removable denture for past 10 years. I was not very happy with that denture as it was very loose and interfering with my speech. I came to know about Dr.Murugavel and his team through a friend. They suggested  implant  treatment to get fixed teeth for me. I was little bit resistant about the implant treatment initially considering my age. But after getting the complete treatment only I know that it was a simple treatment method. I wondered, why my previous dentists didn’t inform me about this treatment method. Thanks to Dr.Murugavel and his team. All the best.

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Full Mouth Dental Implant in India

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