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upper full mouth reconstruction with dental implants in India

Date : 04/13/20

Importance of teeth

  •  Teeth helps in grinding food that we eat,make’s them smaller,easier to swallow and helps in digestion.
  • Makes you look better
  • Boost your self confidence
  • Helps in speaking.

Many patients after removing teeth finds difficult to eat foods because they don’t replace it and general health is affected because of this causing indigestion, stomach upset, loss of appetite etc. Hence replacing missing teeth is very important for your oral and general health.

This case report is about An 55 years old female from Russia. She complains of pain and bleeding gums in tooth supported bridge.

Medical history– patient is diabetic and under control

Initial presentation

Pre-op front view

Pre-op upper occlusal view

Pre-op lower occlusal view

Pre-op right side view

Pre-op left side view

Pre-op smile

Clinical examination

On examination gums was edematous and bleeding was present.Upper metal ceramic bridge was impinging on gums and food accumulation present..In Lower jaw,there is pain and mobility in relation 46 implant..Food accumulation present in relation to 34,35,36 bridge..

Radiographic examination

OPG and CBCT taken. OPG shows bone loss in upper teeth.. Peri apical radio lucency present in relation to root canal treated 34 and 37 region. And bone loss present in 46 implant region..

Treatment plan

After complete clinical and radiographic examination we advised patient upper full jaw rehabilitation with Basal implants. For Lower jaw left side , we advised to remove 34 and 36 and replacement with 4 Basal implants.. For lower jaw right side, we advised removal of the failed implant in 46 region and replacement with 2 Basal implants…

Treatment done

  • Prophylactic medication given
  • Local anesthesia given using STA
  • Remaining natural teeth extracted and replaced with 8 basal implants.
  • Lower 34 and 37 extracted and 4 basal implants placed.
  • Implant is removed in relation to 46 region and replaced with 2 basal implants.
  • Upper and lower impression recorded
  • Provisional bridge fixed in relation to upper and lower -34,35,36 and 44,45,46 region.
  • Patient asked to report after 6 months for permanent zirconia bridge.

Post implant x-ray

post-op front view

Post-op upper occlussal view

Post-op lower occlusal view

Post-op smile

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