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Best Dental Clinic for Teeth Replacement In India

Date : 04/15/20

Best Dental Clinic for Teeth Replacement In India

  • The proverb all we know “Face is the index of the mind ” is the life mantra.

“Oral Health is the mirror of general health ” is the health mantra.

  • Any disease related to mouth has an impact elsewhere in the body.

  •  Tooth loss is the unnatural loss due to injury or disease causes adjacent & opposing teeth to migrate on that place.This creates gaps between the teeth and its paving way for the microorganism to develop in that areas in the name of food accumulation.when its left untreated becomes severe causing  inflammation & bleeding in the gums which could be serious if it reaches the digestive system & affects the digestion process.

  • Tooth loss also affects the chewing efficiency and causes difficult to digest leads to nutritrional deficiency also.

 Our  Happy  Patient  aged  40 years from singapore already underwent dental treatment in our clinic 3 years back.  Now she came  back  with  a  complaint of unilateral chewing on one side due to  missing  teeth  on  the  left  upper jaw  which was removed in singapore  1  year  back .Because of her previous painless experience in our clinic she wants to get the treatment done here itself.

 Past dental history :

  • She removed the same teeth past 1 year back which was broken due to long term decay present in it .

Medical History :

  • she gave the history of  hypertension & diabetic  and under medication for the past 5 years.

On Intra Oral Examination :

  • On Intraoral examination there was a missing teeth  with adequate space present to place the implants.

On Radiological Examination:

  • On Radiological examination showing that  missing teeth with bone loss & there was sufficient width & height present to place the implants.

Treatment Plan :

  • Advised replacement with 3 dental implants with CAD CAM Acrylic bridge.
  • To change the provisional bridge to permanent Bridge after 3 to 6 months.

Preoperative  Upper  Occlusal  View                          

Best Dental Clinic for Teeth Replacement In India

 Preoperative  left  lateral  view  


  •   Showing the missing teeth with sufficient space to place the implant.
  •   Showing the lower opposing  teeth  slightly moves upward ( supraeruption ) which is  present opposite to the missing upper teeth in the left side.

   Preoperative X-Ray



  • It shows the missing teeth with bone loss & sinus drift but sufficient width & height present to place the implant on the left upper jaw.
  • Healing of the implant is good which was done 3 years back in our clinic in the region of 13 & 36.

Postoperative X-Ray



  • It shows the placement of 3 dental implants  on the left upper jaw engaging the basal bone.

 Healing of implants – Lateral  View                                                 

Treatment done :

DAY  1 :

1) Premedication given.

2) Replacement done with 3 dental implants under Computerised Painless Local Anesthesia (STA)

3) Syncrystallisation( Splinting of implants) done with titanium bar to avoid micromovements in the implants during healing stage.

4)Intra Oral Scanning done for CAD CAM  PMMA Acrylic bridge.


CAD CAM  PMMA Acrylic Bridge:

Showing the connected bridge with 2 teeth mimicking natural teeth with proper contour.                                      


DAY 2  :

CAD CAM PMMA Acrylic fixed on the very next day . Patient started chewing the food on the day itself & felt comfortable .

Postoperative  occlusal view  :                                                                                                    

Postoperative  Lateral view :


Follow Up Session:

1) Patient felt happy & comfortable with the chewing & enjoying her favorite foods .

2)Patient is under regular follow up .

3)Advised to change provisional bridge to  permanent bridge after 3 to 6 months .

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