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Full mouth Rehabilitation with Basal dental implant
Patient named Alan al-dian aged 49 years came to our implant centre for full mouth Rehabilitation with Basal dental implants. Basal implants placed in both upper and lower jaw and 24 unit ceramic bridge fixed.

Best Laser Dental Clinics

We understand your fear, anxiety regarding dental implant treatment.That is why ,we take so much care in our consultation, treatment procedure and follow ups!!

Most of the people who deserve dental implant treatment does not avail it due to huge cost involved especially in USA ,UK, AUSTRALIA and even in INDIA. They live with the dental disability compromising the quality of life. This causes social, health and personality problems. We offer inexpensive, high quality dental implant treatment in india. True savings of 75% in cost in dental implant treatment compared to other countries.

Our aim is to to help every patient to get their smile and confidence back by having fixed teeth ..
Through a simple, reliable protocol carried out by trained and experienced dentists | Without waiting times | Without bone grafting procedures | Without periimplantits At affordable cost

Awards & Achivements

Dr Murugavel MDS-OMFS Getting an award as Best dental implantologist
Dental clinic in chennai
Dr.Murugavel With Dr.Stefan Ihde
Dental clinic in chennai
Most Promising Dental Implantologist In South India

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Best Laser Dental Clinic And Implant Center has managed to emerge as one of the leading dental implant center in India because of the unique technique of ' A new Teeth in 3 days'. In addition to our advanced technique the following standards have helped us maintain an edge: Our speciality is in total mouth rehabilitation and giving the patient a new beautiful smile and strong teeth to chew in 3 days.

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Dental Tourism

The modern concept of Dental Tourism is growing worldwide. Dental tourism involves people flying outside their hometown to get an affordable dental care. It is a Two-in-One concept which promises a complete Dental Care along with a planned vacation. For this reason, the term Dental tourism is often referred to as a dental vacation. It has taken the form of a big business. As the cost of dental care is shooting at a fast rate in the developed countries, people are looking for overseas medical care. Therefore, international patients get a chance to explore new place with a saving on dental treatment.

Chennai, the cultural capital of India, stands third among the most visited place in India. This metropolis is the capital city of the state Tamil Nadu. The deep-rooted tradition and cultural heritage of the country are truly reflected in this city.

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