Mr.Ian campbell – Australia

Life changing experience:

Hello Dr. Murugavel and a big hi to your wonderful staff…

It has been almost a couple of months since my first visit to your dental clinic in Valasaravakkam… I wish to send my kind regards and a massive thank you to you for such an incredible end result… I have not stopped smiling since… this has been a life changing experience for me…I am so so impressed with your skill, expertise also your focus on detail and patient comfort involved throughout my entire treatment… please give a huge thank you to your kind, caring and understanding staff for all their involvement..Since back home in Australia I have been sharing my experience with my awestruck family, various friends and my customers regarding my treatment at your clinic… I must say that you have given me the ability to smile confidently again plus not to mention the ability to enjoy once again the various cuisines available…

I have attached a testimonial in the hope that you may include this on your web site as reference for future prospective international patients for whom I will have nothing but praise regarding your great work…So once again I genuinely thank you as you most definitely exceeded my expectations with my wonderful new smile and teeth… I am so very glad that I chose you Dr. Murugavel at Best Laser Dental Clinic for my dental treatment…

Cheers Ian Campbell – Grafton NSW Australia…


I live in New South Wales Australia and had spent manymany hours researching dental implants from various countries throughout the world such as Thailand,Hungary, Costa Rica, Mexico and India.

I had specifically wanted single piece implants due to IMMEDIATE loading, NO bone graft, NO sinus lift, NO gum surgery, NO healing time and lastly NO PAIN.

Upon emailing the various dental clinics with my OPG (x-ray) and requirements after having no lower molars and almost worn out front top and bottom teeth I had received numerous replies from the above countries. After filtering through massive amounts of information and treatment plans I decided to choose India with four particular clinics in mind.

After careful scrutiny of the four clinics I finally chose Dr. Murugavel from Best Laser Dental Clinic in Chennai due to his vast implantology experience, his numerous qualifications, his treatment plan options, his cost involved and importantly his patient feedback.

On arrival at Best Laser Dental Clinic I was greeted and immediately felt comfortable and at ease upon meeting Dr. Murugavel with his wonderful staff at his modern up to date clinic.After a short examination and consultation explaining the plan I had chosen my treatment began. This involved five upper jaw and four lower jaw titanium implants, various rootcanal treatment, two extractions several fillings plus reconstruction and reshaping of worn front upper-lower teeth. I then was fitted with acrylic temporary teeth. I must add TOTALLY NO PAIN OR DISCOMFORT WHATSOEVER during this entire treatment as Dr.Murugavel and staff were very attentive to my needs and well being always keeping me informed.

I had opted to return to Dr. Murugavel after two weeks sight seeing whilst adjusting to my temporary teeth. This allowed me time to travel to Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata then back to Chennai as Ienjoyed the amazing history,unbelievable sights, the culture, fantastic food and incredible people of India.

On return to Chennai I resumed my treatment with the fitting of my Zirconium crowns and bridges. I had decided on Zirconium crowns due to their strength, their natural look and colour compared to ceramic crowns fused to metal. I had several visits with Dr. Murugavel while he fitted and fine-tuned my permanent teeth adjusting micron by micron as required. I was impressed that the dental technician was in attendance throughout these procedures liaising with Dr.Murugavel and checking his workmanship.Once again NO PAIN or DISCOMFORT WHATSOEVER.

On completion I was astounded at the quality of workmanship and as to how natural my new teeth looked. This gave me back my smile and the ability to enjoy all the wonderful cuisines available after so many years of denying myself.

Australian dentists should take a good hard look at their (lack of) service, their cost, their work ethic and their product range. I obviously was on a budget and found Dr. Murugavel’s total costs to be about 12% of the $69000.00 quoted by my Australian dentist, yes $69000.00.

Once again I must reiterate that the quality workmanship, end result, caring understanding dentists and very very low cost were totally worth the trip to India whilst enjoying a fantastic holiday. If like me you were or are anxious about the whole procedure do not hesitate to contact Dr. Murugavel via email or check his web site and do yourself a favour. Thank you again Dr. Murugavel.