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Teeth replacement with Digital dentistry in india

Date : 04/9/20

Teeth replacement with Digital dentistry in india

  • Root Canal Treatment is the final procedure to save the teeth from extraction for a certain period  & success rate  depends upon the condition of the teeth on that time .Its important to look after your teeth when recovering from root canal treatment also :

 1)Practise good oral hygiene

2)Visit the dentist regularly

3)Avoid biting hard foods on the specific teeth

  • Apart from this there are certain  anamolies like abscess,recurrent discharge, periapical information,sinus formation that can restrain success  rate of rc treated teeth .

  • In order to achieve success ,proper line of treatment is required.Now a days implant is the best option if there is dilemma in saving the teeth.

  • This is one of our patient who underwent Teeth replacement with digital dentistry  using  CBCT(3d xray) & CAD CAM Crowns  in India

Chief  Complaint:

  • Patient aged 42 years  from mauritious  came to our clinic with a complaint of pain & mild shaking in the rc treated tooth in both upper & lower left jaw  for the past 1 year .Therefore he wants long term solution for this teeth.
  • He gave the history of biting the dates on the specific treated teeth . The tooth started to develop fracture and he couldn’t use the left side for the chewing  .Then he took medication several times for the same problem.

Past  Dental  History :

He told that rct & crown was done 3 years back in some other clinic .

Past  Medical History :

Hypertension & under medication for the past 2 years .


1) On clinical examination there was tender on percussion & grade 2 mobility present in both upper & lower left molar tooth.

2) On radiological (OPG & CBCT ) examination there was periapical lesion  present in both upper & lower left molar tooth  with bone loss and still there was sufficient cortical bone present for  replacement with  Basal implants.

Before Treatment:

Upper Occlusal View 

Teeth Replacement with Digital dentistry

Lower Occlusal View

Treatment Plan :

1)Advised extraction of upper & lower left molar tooth  & replacement with immediate loading of  basal implants  & CAD CAM  provisional crown .

2)To change the provisional crown to permanent crown after 3 or 6 months.

Preoperative X-Ray 

Teeth replacement with digital dentistry in India


It shows that periapical lesion in the rc treated tooth in both upper & lower left molar.

 Postoperative X-Ray




It shows that teeth replacement done  with dental implants engaging the basal bone.


 DAY 1 :

1) Premedication given.

2) Local Anesthesia given with STA (Computerised Painless Local Anesthesia) .

3) Extraction of  upper & lower left molar tooth  done  with  piezo surgical unit & then immediate placement of basal implants done using digital x-ray CBCT ( 3d xray).

4)  Abutment refinement done.

5) Post Operative Instructions Given.

 Healing of  implant 

Teeth replacement with Digital dentistry



Digital  CAD CAM Acrylic Crown:

DAY 2 :

1)  Healing is satisfactory.

2) Intra Oral Scananing done for CAD CAM Acrylic Crown.



After treatment :

Digital CAD CAM PMMA Acrylic Crown:

Teeth replacement with digital dentistry in India

CAD CAM PMMA Acrylic crown  was fixed in both upper & lower jaw . Patient started chewing on the same day itself with fixed teeth & felt happy & enjoying his food on both sides.

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