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full mouth reconstruction with dental implants in India

Date : 03/26/20

An  48 years old male patient came to our clinic complaining of shaking teeth in upper and lower jaw… And unable to chew food properly…

Medical history- Patient is known diabetic and under medication..

Clinical examination

On examination generalized mobility present in upper and lower teeth… OPG and CBCT taken… CBCT reveals generalized bone loss in relation to upper and lower jaw… Adequate bone height and width was present for placing dental implants…

treatment plan

  • Advise full mouth extraction of periodontally compromised teeth under local anesthesia
  • And replace with dental implants..
  • Advised provisional teeth.

 pre-op front  view

pre-op upper occlusal view

pre-op lower occlusal view

pre-op right side view

pre-op left side view

 pre-operative smile

treatment done

  • Prophylactic medications given.
  • Full mouth local anesthesia given using STA.
  • Upper full mouth extraction done and 10 implants placed..
  • Lower full mouth extraction done and 9 implants placed..
  • provisional bridge fixed
  • patient asked to report after 6 month for permanent prosthesis..

After implant placement

 post-operative front view

post-op upper occlusal view

post-op lower occlusal view


post-op right side view

post-op left side view

 post-operative smile