Mrs. Geetha Lakshmi, working as a treatment co-ordinator for Best laser dental clinic and implant center, Chennai from 2014. She takes responsibility for the entire patient base and work toward having no patients with incomplete treatment plans. She interacts with patients effectively in explaining treatment plans, discussing various payment options, and answering phone calls from patients that have any questions about treatments. Mrs. Geetha has a passion towards teaching, loves chanting in temples, cooking spending time with family and her colleagues. Her hobbies are reading books, teaching, learning dancing, yoga, exercise, listening lectures, and music.

Educational Qualification:

  • MA completed in Padmavathy College, Tirupati in 1994
  • MA B E D (Hindi literature) in Dakshin bharath prachar sabha T.Nagar in 2002
  • Computer: HTML, tally 9.2
  • Attended training course for counselling and managing patients in private dental practice in 2016at Green park.

Languages Known : Tamil, Telugu, English, Hindi, Malayalam


  • System administrator in Mahaveera finance in Paris for 5 years
  • Taught Hindi in Vellamal Vidhyashram in surpate for 5 yrs
  • Founder of Srivari Hindi Vidyalaya for spoken and written hindi classes


  • Manager for Best laser dental clinic and its branches
  • Treatment co-ordinator for Chinthamani laser dental clinic and best laser dental clinic, Mugalivakkam branch
  • Dental implant course co-ordinator in Academy of continuing dental education
  • Financial adviser for dental implant patients


  • Conduct interview to understand the patient’s oral health history, concerns, and objectives
  • Explain the treatment plan, address patient concerns and answer any questions
  • Assist the patient in prioritizing the treatment and establish a plan for scheduling and payment
  • Build trust, and understand the patient’s objectives

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