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Teeth Replacement with Dental Implants India

Date : 05/21/20

Many people think single tooth missing will not cause any oral issues. But replacing single missing tooth is very important or else rest of the natural teeth will move to the empty space. This will lead to bite issue, food accumulation that results in multiple caries and joint disorder…

This case report is about 44 year’s old patient from Bangalore. He came to our clinic complaining of missing teeth in upper posterior region and wants to replace it. He has undergone extraction 2 years back. And his main concern was to replace his teeth without any pain.

Medical history  – Patient is diabetic and smoker. He is under medication.


Before treatment

Front view

Upper view

teeth replacement in india

Side view

teeth replacement india

Clinical examination

On examination right side 2nd premolar (tooth no-15) was missing.

Radiographic examination

Sufficient bone height and width was present in relation to 15 region for placing dental implant.


dental implant cost india


Treatment plan

After clinical and radiographic examination we advised patient single basal implant in relation to 15 region under Local anesthesia(STA-painless computerized anesthesia).


Treatment done


  • prophylactic medicines given
  • Local anesthesia given using STA
  • Implant placed in 15 region
  • Intra oral scanning done using digital scanner for PMMA crown

After implant placement



dental implant cost india


Side view


teeth replacement with implant


Digital scan image


teeth replacement with implants




  • PMMA crown of proper contour and shade is fixed
  • Advised patient to start eating food on that side.
  • Patient was asked to report after 3 months for permanent zirconia crown.

PMMA crown


teeth replacement with dental implants



After treatment

Upper view


teeth replacement with dental implants



Side view


teeth replacement with implants


Patient is very happy with the treatment result and is chewing efficiency is good .


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