Cost of dental implants in India, Chennai

Considering the expertise and experience of the team combined with the state of technologies and equipment best in the world for implant services we would say that the cost of full mouth dental implants is moderate, but not cheap. The cost of dental implants in our center is 60- 70% less compared to the prices in US, UK, Singapore, and Australia!!

We have transparency in our treatment plan and in the cost of dental implant treatment. We will explain the treatment plan and the costs involved before the treatment and there won’t be any unexpected changes in the cost of dental implant services.

Looking for dental implant costs in India?

let’s check our dental implant treatment costs ranging from single implants to full mouth dental implants.

Cost of Single Dental Implant in India

        IMPLANTS        BRAND    COST IN INR

REDICE IMPLANT ( Italy )   Rs.13000 

BIOLINE DENTAL IMPLANTS ( German )   Rs.20,000




BRAND Country Make No. of IMPLANTS Package Cost for both upper & lower jaw implant with fixed provisional Bridge 
    Italy  UPPER up to 6 LOWER up to 6 Both upper and Lower Jaw – 3.00 Lakh

Upper jaw –  1.50  Lakh

Lower jaw  – 1.50  Lakh

SIMPLADENT IMPLANTS     Swiss UPPER up to 6 LOWER up to 6 Both upper and Lower Jaw – 3.50 Lakh

Upper jaw –  1.75  Lakh

Lower jaw  – 1.75  Lakh


  German UPPER up to 6
LOWER up to 6
Both upper and Lower Jaw – 4 Lakh

Upper jaw –  2 Lakh

Lower jaw  – 2 Lakh


1.Cost of single Norris Zygoma Implant – 60,000 INR

2.Cost of Double Norris Zygoma Implant – 1,20,000 INR 

3.Cost of single Bioline Zygoma Implant – 80,000 INR 

4.Cost of double Bioline Zygoma Implant – 1,60,000 INR 



“No Zygomo” Protocol

In our center up to 96% of the situation we successfully avoid the need for zygoma implants. In rare situations
when the zygomatic dental implant is needed, it will be charged additional apart from the regular full-mouth implant package.

FULL MOUTH Definitive Bridge – HIPC BRIDGE ( Bredent, Germany ) FOR DENTAL IMPLANTS COST

                            TYPE OF PROSTHESIS      INR NUMBER OF
Option 1: A Gcam (Graphone Bridge)

  • Upper full jaw Gcam definitive fixed Bridge ( 12 teeth ) with 10 years of responsibility


 Rs.1,20,000  5-6 days

  • Lower full jaw Gcam definitive fixed Bridge ( 12 teeth ) with 10 years of responsibility


 Rs.1,20,000  5-6 days

  • Full mouth (upper + lower jaw) Gcam definitive fixed Bridge ( 24 teeth ) with 10 years of responsibility


 Rs.2,40,000  5-6 days
Option 2: HIPC Bridge

  • Upper full jaw HIPC definitive fixed Bridge ( 12 teeth ) with 10 years of responsibility


 Rs.96,000  5-6 days

  • Lower full jaw HIPC definitive fixed Bridge ( 12 teeth ) with 10 years of responsibility


 Rs.96,000  5-6 days

  • Full Mouth (upper + lower jaw) HIPC definitive fixed Bridge( 24 teeth ) with 10 years responsibility


 Rs.1,92,000  5-6 days

Why we give provisional fixed bridge for full mouth dental implant cases instead of giving permanent bridge directly?

Reason 1. When multiple teeth need extraction and immediate implants, there will be gum shrinkage during the healing period. If a Definitive HIPC bridge is given immediately, you will feel the gap between the bridges and gums after a few weeks to months. If provisional bridges are given for some time and if the permanent bridges are given later, this problem is avoided completely.

Reason 2. For patients who need full mouth rehabilitation with a dental implant, live with bad, mutilated teeth and with a lot of missing teeth for many years. This leads to disturbed, abnormal chewing patterns like,

Unilateral chewing pattern (patient chewing only one side, avoiding the other side)
This may be due to missing teeth on one side, or a chronic painful tooth on one side.
Anterior chewing pattern (patient chewing food only using the front teeth)
This is due to missing molars on both sides.

Both these chewing patterns are not normal, not healthy, and not physiological, over years these wrong chewing patterns have been engrammed in the jaw muscles jaw joint, and the brain.

Even when the patient gets fully fixed teeth on dental implant, these old wrong programs will be still present for a few months.

It takes 6 months – 1 year for the normal chewing pattern with a perfect balance of the jaw joints, muscles, and teeth. During this period, the provisional fixed bridge (acrylic which is quite a soft material) helps to increase the recovery of normal chewing patterns. Giving a Definitive HIPC bridge (which is rigid/strong) immediately will lead to uneven forces during chewing leading to ceramic chipping and or implant failure.

Reason 3. The 3rd reason is regarding the facial appearance and aesthetics. When multiple teeth are missing and many teeth are in chronic pain continuously for many years,  facial muscles lose their normal tone and appearance.

After full mouth rehabilitation with dental implants and fixed teeth, it takes 1-2 months for the facial muscles to regain their original relaxed appearance. The patient wants to trial-check the aesthetics/appearance of the new teeth. Giving a provisional fixed bridge helps the patient and his/her close relatives /friends to assess the appearance of the new teeth. Any changes that the patient wants in the provisional bridge can be done in Definitive HIPC bridges. If a permanent bridge is given immediately there is no scope for any changes/improvement in the future.
Many times this situation happened to us in our initial years of practice.
The patients demand a Definitive HIPC bridge on the first visit itself ( to avoid a second visit later). And the patients are very happy with the final result and appearance of the bridge. But when our patients return to their home in their country, their close relatives, either husband or wife or a close friend or teammates often will tell some changes/corrections/in the appearance of new teeth. Now our previously happy patient becomes unhappy with his smile. This leads to another visit with appointments and additional costs.

These are the 3 reasons, we stopped doing permanent bridge immediately. We prefer to do it in two visits. The first visit, extraction, implant, and nice aesthetic fixed provisional bridge with which you can chew nicely. After 1 year, replacement of the provisional bridge with much-improved aesthetic and stronger Definitive HIPC bridge.

With this approach, some patients may not choose us (to avoid a second visit), but almost all our full-mouth patients get a happy result from beginning to end.

Dental implant price in India depends upon many factors. Some are,

The dental implant procedures, especially those involving full mouth rehabilitation require the presence of the following state-of-the-art facilities.

  • In-house 3D imaging (cone beam CT) scan which gives precise information about the bone condition and also helps to place the implants in a 3D accurate position.
  • A highly sterile environment with good infection control measures.
  • In-house CAD CAM Dental Lab.
  • Advanced dental 3D printing technologies.


  • Patients with an adequate amount of bone in the jaw will need a straightforward implant procedure.
  • Whereas, patients with very less bone or no bone or compromised bone may need additional/different implant techniques.


  • The location of the clinic in a way affects the cost of dental implant treatment in India. Implant practice in a metropolitan city will have higher expenses. A long-running dental implant practice with frequent upgrading to the latest technologies has higher charges than other centers.


  • Full-mouth dental implant treatment is a technique-sensitive procedure that requires a highly experienced dental procedure.
  • Preferably an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, a Periodontist, or a prosthodontist. Many times they need to work together as a team for better results. In such a situation, the cost may so higher.


  • The conventional implant procedure which may need additional bone grafting surgeries and additional waiting times, will involve higher costs.
  • Basal implants avoid the need for bone grafts and sinus lifting. Hence the lower cost for full mouth teeth replacement.

Why the cost of teeth replacement with Basal dental implants in India is less than conventional implant techniques?

  • With the use of basal implants, we can completely avoid the sinus lifting procedure. In this way, they further cut down the cost of teeth replacement.
  • With basal dental implants, teeth replacement can be completed in fewer visits compared to bone grafting techniques. They save multiple visits to the doctor.
  • Since basal implants are very resistant to peri-implantitis (infection around the implants) need for future additional corrective surgical procedures are not needed.
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