Ms.Natashai, Australia dental implants without bone graft testimonial

I initially went to Dr.Murugavel for teeth implants for both upper and lower jaw. After may emails backward and forth’s, I decided to go with him as I thought he was very professional and he was very pleasant to deal with, after he explained the entire procedure from the start to end, I was most impressed that I didn’t need a bone graft and not to mention that it only takes a few days for full for mouth implants, and without any implications. From then on I decided to go to India and before I knew it I came out with amazing new teeth. It was really incredible. Dr Murugavel was so thorough and the treatment I received was extraordinary beyond words, Dr. Murugavel is very dedicated and has pride in his work!

I want thank Dr Murugavel and his team, Dr.Bala Saranya, Dr.Vivek Pandian, Dr. Sheik Arifa, Dr.Aparna Nair and all the office staff for their excellent service and always happy to help beyond the call of their duty to make me feel comfortable. Now having been here and gone through the procedure, I am so glad I made this choice. Everyone in the clinic were so helpful and professional and I would highly recommend Dr.Murugavel at Best Laser Dental Clinic Valasaravakkam, Chennai. India, Dr Murugavel and his team make you feel at home rather than a clinic.

Thank you

Miss. Natashai,

Victoria, Australia