KOS Dental Implants in India

kos dental implants in india

KOS Dental Implants:

     The KOS Implant system is made up of the highly fracture resistant Ti6Al4V ELI Titanium alloy pursuant to  ASTM F136. They are single piece implants with apical compression threads designed for immediate loading.

Special features of KOS dental implants are,

  •    KOS system is backed by 13 years of experience
  •    Thanks to the apical compression threads,they can be immediately loaded..that means you can get your permanent teeth in 3days
  •    Very much affordable,bringing it within the reach of a significantly greater number of patients
  •    Can be inserted transgingivally..i.e by flapless method
  •    Quicker healing time
  •    Very minimal bleeding
  •    No post treatment pain or discomfort
  •    No sutures necessary
  •    Lifetime warranty offered.