Conventional vs Strategic Basal Implants

Conventional Stages Strategic
Diagnostic procedures
Treatment plan
1 Inspection
Diagnostic procedures
Treatment plan
Preparation of the oral cavity, removal of teeth, roots and cysts. 2 Pretaration of the oral cabity, removal of the teeth, roots and cysts. Implant placement, Impression taking for the lab, the control of X-ray diagnostics.
Bone augmentation and sinus-lifting. 3 Trying of the bridge frame (0-1 day after implant placement).
1-2 months after implant placement, adequate bone healing provided 4 Devlivery of the bridge (1-3 days after implant placement).
Healing of the bone after tooth extration (2-4 months). 5 -
Placement of gingiva tormer. 6 -
Impression taking. 7 -
Fixing of the bridge. 8 -
Treatment duration: 4- 24 months
Number of appointments 8 -25.
Treatment duration: From 1 to 5 days
Number of appointments: 3.

Full Mouth Dental Implant in India

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