Testimonial Mr.Yogesh, Goa


Basal implants avoid the need for problematic bone grafting procedures to get fixed teeth..!!

Hi  everybody, I am Yogesh Naik from Goa. I met with a major motorcycle accident in which I lost both upper and lower jaw teeth. Besides  teeth  I lost my alveolar  bone- jaw bone also. And so I could not be treated in Goa, because all doctors  told  I had to undergo bone grafting procedures. I did  my personal research into this and found that  bone  grafting  procedures  itself  has  got  their own diasadvantages, for example in certain cases , there is chance of  bone  graft  failure and second disadvantage is, it is time consuming. And other problem is that  the portion  of  bone graft removed from hip joint  or any other part may  lead to some sort of handicapping in future. So , totally ruled out   the procedure of bone grafting  on my jaws. And after doing  a lot of research  and I  found  out  this  technique of  Basal implant exists. And it is in very recent stage in India. But I got  contact of Dr.Murugavel, and his team Dr.Karthikeyan, Dr.Naveen , Dr.Bala.  They are kind enough  from  the first phone call. They are friendly   with me, they explained the treatment plan totally I was very comfortable with them.  There  after  speaking with them over phone, I was so comfortable that  I came here  without any family member, with full confidence and my experience   here is very good  from day one.  They treated me like  a family member. They gave a very good treatment, it is totally painless. After that  I found  a very drastic  improvement in my smile.  Thank u very much.

Full Mouth Dental Implant in India

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