Testimonial Mrs.Subha

How i got my daughters smile back!

I have visited BEST LASER DENTAL clinic for my  child Nethra who is 4year old. She got multiple tooth decay especially  in her front teeth.  When I visited other dental clinic in kumbakonum and Chennai for her decay teeth, other dentist suggested  that it was  a milk teeth that will fall by it own so no need of any treatment, but I felt that her confidential factor is getting poor due to the decay of front teeth. So went for further opinion they suggested the treatment under General Anesthesia. I was much worried that my daughter started taking less food because of toothache.  Finally I came to know Dr.Murugavel through internet,  he gave  me a optionof CONSIOUS SEDATION and explained me clearly about the treatment plan and importance of saving the milk tooth.  I accepted  to set the treatment done using conscious sedation. They restored back my daughter’s smile . thanks to Dr.Murugavel and tean for their team for their wonderful care.



Full Mouth Dental Implant in India

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