Testimonial Mrs.Ellavarsi (Political Leader)

Implants are safer,painless treatment option to get rid of  our removable dentures...!

Mrs.Ellavarsi, Political Leader, Nagapattinam.

I got my back teeth removed 20 years back. I have used removable  denture which my dentist in my hometown have given me. Since it gave lot of ulcer in my mouth, I never used it after that. When asked for fixed  teeth my previous dentist told  fixed teeth cannot be given, since there is no natural tooth in the back region to get support. After that I met several dentist ,they told the same and I was not using that side of that jaw for chewing for many years.     Later I came to know about the implant treatment done by Dr.Murugavel through a family friend. I came to Chennai to get implant  treatment in his clinic. I stayed in Chennai for 5days. My time was very limited. But the procedure was painfree and was accomplished in 3 days.

           If you have a similar problem and afford the cost (which is less, compared to the cost abroad and India also!!!), consider the implant option. The benefits are enormous. I am enjoying food now, after so long years. Thanks to Dr.Murugavel and    his team from my heart.

Full Mouth Dental Implant in India

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