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Why I decided to go for implant treatment rather than bridge?...

My lower molar tooth was removed about 20years back . And I never thought of replacing because of single reason – fear and pain. Fear of dentist. Doctors of Best Laser dental clinic, they explained about the treatment plan, about all the options available including bridges and implant. I decided to go for implant treatment. The reason why i choose implant is i dont want my adjacent natrual teeth to be grinded for bridge.The implant procedure was pain free and was completed within 20 mintues. No sutures! No bleeding!I got my new fixed tooth in 3 days!!. Thank you Dr.Murugavel  and team for your extra-ordinary work. It is clear that , you love your profession and it is a great pleasure to watch a real professional at work.  I must appreciate you and your team too. Everyone I have met in your clinic is so helpful and thank you.

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Full Mouth Dental Implant in India

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