Testimonial Mr.Akhil (cine actor)

                                        The doctors , whom i have consulted before told that bone is not sufficient for dental implant.And that i have to under go artificial bone grafting procedures , which i am not interested.Luckily ,by pure chance i came across Dr.Murgavel"s website.And i was surprised that he could able to successfully treat cases with less bone.And i got my new tooth with implant without any bone grafts and that too in 4 days.Dr.Murugavel is the most gentle, understanding and compassionate dentist you will ever meet.The entire treatment went painless from the beginning to the present.I am very happy with the way how my new tooth looks.And also i am very happy i got my new tooth without any bone grafts or sinus lilfts,which my previous dentists advised.Thanks to Dr.Murugavel and his wonderfull team!!

Full Mouth Dental Implant in India

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