Lifetime warranty for implants and bridges

Lifetime warranty with Best Laser Dental Clinic and Implant Center

Best Laser Dental implant center is the only dental implant treatment center to offer a Lifetime Warranty on all dental implants and also for the bridges. From single tooth implants to full mouth restoration, we will adjust, repair or replace any implant for the life of the patient. The success rate of dental implants at our center is near 100%. Having placed over 8,000 implants with immediate restorations with great success and with the backup of excellent dental lab we are confident of our treatment techniques.

Terms & Conditions

1. The warranty includes both for implants and the bridge work.Kindly note, that we do not refund the cost of the dental implant, the surgical procedure or any dental work.          

2. This warranty does not include

a. Any travelling and accommodation costs. 

b. Naturally reducing gum tissue / borne leading to physiologic gap between the bridge and gum..

c. Trauma due to accident / sports after implant treatment.

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Full Mouth Dental Implant in India

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