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Best Laser Dental Clinic And Implant Center  has managed to emerge as one of the leading  dental implant center in India because of the unique technique of ‘ A new Teeth in 3 days’. In addition to our advanced technique the following standards have helped us maintain an edge: Our speciality is in total mouth rehabilitation and giving the patient a new beautiful smile and strong teeth to chew in 3days.

  • Our practice follows global sterilization protocol
  • The doctor associated with Best Laser Dental Clinic And Implant Center are highly qualified, super specialized and have affiliations with international associations and organizations.
  • The main branch located at Valasaravakkam is a 5 minute drive from numerous budget hotels to 5 star hotels. Links given at the end of this page.
  • All major credit cards accepted.
  • PICKUP arranged for consultation.
  • Our international coordinator will help fix hotel, air tickets and airport pickup arrangements for your trip.


    Before you come here, we wil give the exact treatment plan and days needed and the treatment cost through mail. This is more easier if you send your OPG-DENTAL XRAY(orthopantogram) or dental scan(not must) with photo of your intraoral condition.Dental CBCT scan can be taken in our centre.If you don’t have any X-rays, they we can do the entire diagnostic X-rays in our centre itself.


    Mostly we prefer morning appointment in the first visit… as it will take 30 to 40 minutes for initial consultation and discussion about the entire treatment plan. If you want any sedation for the dental implant procedure, mention before itself in the mail. So that we can arrange conscious sedation with our anesthestist. Prior appointment is mandatory if you wish the procedure to be performed under sedation.

In the first visit ..if any extractions needed (any bad teeth which can not be saved)..will be done and implants will be placed as per the treatment plan.The entire procedure will be done painless under local anesthesia. or sedation. Most of the time there wont be any need for sedation, as implant placement is a simple procedure. If you are extremely anxious ,you can prefer sedation.

The implant placement procedure in the first visit will take around 45-60 minutes per jaw. So for a full mouth rehabilitaton it will take approximately 2 hours. Any way we will give rest to you in between if needed.Since we understand your anxiety, we perform the procedure slowly and as gentle as possible, so that you wont feel any discomfort.Your comfort and safety are very important to us…and we take responsibility for that.

After the implant procedures, you will be given some time to take rest .Then will we take impression for the mouth which will take 25 to 30 minutes. A qualified technician from our dental lab also will be with us during this procedure. The colour of the tooth is also selected during this visit .

At the end of the procedure, we will give the medicines so that there wont be any pain in post surgical period. You can go to your hotel room and take complete rest. It is better to take liquid or semi-solid foods.


      The second visit will be in the lab for wax trial .In this visit the final outcome of teeth , you can see in wax.Any change in colour or size,position of teeth we can modify.Almost half day we have to be in our lab.Dedicated and specially trained MDT(Master dental technician ) will be with us through out the procedure.

Day 3

      Mostly this will be rest day.If needed we may have a short lab visit to fine tune and to verify the outcome.

Day 4

  Fixing of the bridge in the mouth over the implants. and bite refinement procedure.will take 2-3 hours.

Day 5

  Check up check the bite and healing…and eating.and the you can go back to your home with brand new set of teeth!!


1.After 6 month , it is better to check the bite with your dentist in your country, or with us..
This is required because your jaw bones,jaw joints,and muscles adjust and heal and normalise after the treatment.This may create changes in the bite , which needs to corrected.

2.At the end of one year to check the healing with new OPG -dental X-ray.If you can come to our centre, we can check and take X-ray.Otherwise you can take OPG in your country and mail us.

If healing is good as evident in X-ray ,then no need to come for check up.If any disturbances are present in X-ray , the we have to intervene .

After the initial metal acrylic bridge , you can upgrade to metal ceramic(PFM) after one year.But if you are comfortable with the initial metal acrylic bridge, you can continue to use that also for another 2-3 years.If any problem happens with the initial metal acrylic bridge in long term( wear and tear, chipping of teeth, etc) you may have to go for metal ceramic bridge.

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